Atelier Interactive Professional Artists Acrylics are lightfast,

heavy-bodied and made with pigments of the finest quality.

They have a superior colour load, a buttery consistency

and dry to a satin finish

Atelier Interactive is the most versatile acrylic paint on the market. It handles like a conventional acrylic making it a popular choice for Fast Drying Techniques, but it has other exclusive abilities if you want to use them.

Atelier Interactive is the world’s only acrylic paint that gives you a new option; Controlled Drying Techniques . You can control the paint's open time for as long as you want using a fine mist of water or moist brush; blending layers of Atelier Interactive is easier and far smoother than with any other acrylic. When you want to return to Fast Drying Techniques, simply withhold water and it will dry rapidly again. It’s that easy - and only possible with Atelier Interactive’s unique patented formula.

There is another unique benefit: Atelier Interactive allows you to re-activate touch-dry paint using Atelier Unlocking Formula, to return to wet-in-wet blending. A true revolution in acrylic paint technology!

Atelier Interactive is available in 75 colours packaged in 80ml - 2.7 Oz Tubes, 250ml - 8.4 Oz Jars, and selected colours in 1 Litre - 33.8 Oz Jars.

Atelier Interactive - Basic Users Guide - PDF Download
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Basic Users Guide

Atelier Interactive Colour Chart

Atelier Mediums Guide


If you understand how acrylic paints dry you’ll understand why Atelier Interactive is so helpful. The patented formula gives you far more control than any other acrylic. Most artists find they use a combination of these methods as they develop their painting:


(1) Fast Drying Techniques

The most common acrylic painting techniques involve fast drying layers. All conventional acrylic paints dry rapidly as their water content evaporates. Atelier Interactive naturally dries rapidly too, so you can happily paint with Atelier Interactive just as you would normally for fast drying techniques.

Mediums that are useful for fast drying techniques are; Atelier Fast Medium/Fixer, Atelier Heavy Gel, Atelier Regular Gel, Atelier Gloss Medium, Atelier Glazing Medium, Atelier Moulding Paste, Atelier Binder Medium.


(2) Controlled Drying Techniques

Controlled Drying Techniques are exclusive to Atelier Interactive. As the paint begins to dry, it will still readily absorb water, allowing you to easily delay drying time merely with a fine mist of water or moist brush. Atelier Interactive is the only artists’ acrylic paint that allows you to control the open time as long as you want with only water. Blending with Atelier Interactive is easier and far smoother than with any other acrylic paint, because you control the open time from start to finish.

By comparison, all other acrylics dry by initially forming a skin over the surface of the paint which naturally resists water. For this reason blending paint layers can be difficult and appear scratchy when using a conventional acrylic.

Controlled Drying Techniques are simple: apply Atelier Interactive to your painting surface and when you feel your paint layers get tacky use a fine mist water sprayer or wet brush to keep the paint workable - repeat this process as long as you want it to remain open - then withhold water and the paint will dry rapidly again.

You have even more control:  If you’ve allowed your painting and palette to become touch dry but not yet fully cured, you have the option to re-activate the paint using Atelier Unlocking Formula to return to wet-in-wet blending once again.

Mediums useful during Controlled Drying Techniques are; Atelier Clear Painting Medium and Atelier Fast Medium/Fixer.


(3) Slow Drying Techniques

Until the invention of Atelier Interactive, the only way to avoid the fast drying nature of any acrylic paint was to use a retarder medium. If you like long extended open times, you can easily turn Atelier Interactive into a slow-drying paint simply by adding Atelier Retarder, Slow Medium or Thick Slow Medium. 

However, if you use a retarder or slow medium to prolong the open time of Atelier Interactive or any other acrylic, you'll have no control over drying time, a custom mix of Atelier Interactive with retarder can’t return to being a rapid drying acrylic. You may have to wait hours, days and sometimes weeks for that layer of paint to dry before successfully overpainting. 


For detailed information and product codes on the Atelier Interactive product range, including support material for distributors and retailers please download the Atelier Interactive Product Catalogue (PDF: 1.39mb).

Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue