Mediums & Grounds

Chroma's A2 Art Students' Acrylics are perfectly suited to be used with the Atelier® Range of Painting Mediums & Varnishes. We recommend starting with Atelier's Mid-Viscosity Clear Painting Medium as your launching pad into the magical world of Mediums.


The choice of the correct medium for the job in hand, or for the particular style and technique of a particular artist can be critically important to the development of the artist who uses them.

There are very simple ways of gaining control over the painting process, which do not involve learning new techniques: these are procedures for sealing against moisture loss, maintaining moist humid conditions while working and using final varnishes to protect the completed art work.

We would like to introduce a new simplified system of acrylic painting designed to assist the above and make painting with acrylics more flexible. The following three processes have been developed:


  1. Ground Preparations
  2. Mediums & Additives
  3. Varnishes


Ground Preparations

Grounds are products used to prepare a surface for acrylic painting. Effective grounds should have good adhesion to the painting surface, particularly for canvas boards. They should be flexible, have suitable "tooth" for overpainting and create a good sealing barrier between the painting surface and subsequent layers of paint.