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Jim Cobb

Jim Cobb, Owner and Paint maker, Chroma

Artist Jim Cobb, started Chroma in a small factory at King's Cross, NSW, Australia in 1965 and remains its owner today. A high school teacher at that time, Jim was frustrated at not being able to source artists' paint with the qualities that he wanted for his own and his students' art. Jim began badgering household paint manufacturers for supplies to experiment with. This was the start of a life-time passion developing paints specifically formulated to meet the changing needs of artists.

Articles by Jim Cobb

Jim Cobb

Serena da Roza

Resident Artist/Marketing Assistant

Serena is the resident artist for Chroma Australia P/L. She graduated with a BA (Art) from Curtin University, Western Australia, in 2009. She has exhibited in group exhibitions and considers herself to be work in progress who enjoy all aspects of art and teaching in her unique and enthusiastic way that is both hands on and involving.
She works with Chroma paints and is a regular visitor of art galleries throughout Australia for enjoyment and to increase her great art knowledge. Serena loves sharing this and her excellent product knowledge with students and artists at TAFEs, Art Societies and other activities.
Her work involves still life, portraiture, figuration and other aspects of the body’s interiority. To Serena, art is Pure Joy and it is to Chroma’s benefit that she can encompass work and pleasure together.

Articles by Serena da Roza

Serena da Roza

Alan Friend

Abstract Artist - UK

Alan Friend was born in Scotland but is of East European heritage. At age 18 he was offered a place at the Glasgow School of Art but chose, instead, to take up a place at the University of Glasgow School of Law. Having gained graduate and post graduate qualifications that could have secured a career in academia or the legal profession, Alan turned his back on both and returned to his first love, art.

He studied Old Master style and technique and then, utilising his life experiences, cultural heritage, and mystic bent, went on to develop his distinctive abstract style. Alan's work has gained recognition both in Europe and the United States and he has been labelled "Scotland's Rising Star."

Alan's work can viewed at

Articles by Alan Friend

Alan Friend

Debra Macdonald

Chroma USA Marketing and Sales Manager

Articles by Debra Macdonald

Graeme Stevenson

Graeme Stevenson, CEO of Colour in your Life, has been a practising professional Artist for 30 years. He has exhibited all over the world and his work is licensed in over a hundred countries through out the world. He has lived in a number of countries, even living in America for ten years.

Colour In Your Life is a web site that is run by Artists for the purpose of building a 'Library of the minds of Artists' and enabling investors, educators, students, teachers and people all over the world to have access to the enormous creative energy that is part of the minds of right brained people

Articles by Graeme Stevenson

Graeme Stevenson

Jennifer VonStein

My name is Jennifer, and I’m a Resident Artist for Chroma USA. I have a fun job – I travel around the country, talk to other artists and work with our paint. The travel can be a bit nutty (sometimes I don’t remember where I live!) but I truly love meeting all of the artists who attend my workshops or demos at the universities, art societies and retail venues.

Articles by Jennifer VonStein

Jennifer VonStein

Mark Waller

Mark lives and works in Lennox head on the beautiful NSW north coast. A professional artist, Mark's work is sold all over the world, and is much sought after.

Mark runs a studio in Lennox Head, which is currently open to the public. He runs workshops for adults and children and is happy to demonstrate whenever possible. He believes in making art accessible and fun.

Mark’s work could be described as contemporary realism, and his subjects range from seascapes and landscapes to figures and surrealism. Mark is mesmerised by the simple beauty that's often right in front of us, but missed. He feels those moments need to be documented and elevated. As he says, "that's where the magic is!"

Articles by Mark Waller

Mark Waller