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Chroma's Student Art Contest Winners

Chroma, Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of our International Student Art Contest. There were over 270 submissions by students from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. They used Archival Oils, Atelier Interactive Professional Artist Acrylics and A>2 Student Acrylics to create their exceptional paintings.

The $5,000 Grand Prize was awarded to Kirsten Low from the University of New South Wales (AU), for her painting, Eyes of the Dark Interior . Created with A>2 Student Acrylics, Kirsten developed the painting from an offhand sketch and used the consistency and vibrant colors of A>2 to make a painting that captured the jurors’ attention. Regarding her painting, Kirsten said, “ I just wanted to create something crazy, fun and surreal, nothing too heavy, so I could just let loose and paint the crap out of the canvas!”

The $1,000 Best Acrylic Prize was awarded to Shannon Gilbert from Virginia Commonweatlh University (US). Historical Perspective was created using Atelier Interactive Professional Artist Acrylics. Shannon said, “ Historical Perspective is a reflection on my experience as a guide on the canal boat tours at the James River Canal and Kanawha Canal in Richmond, VA. My work echoes the indistinct recollection of history and the impossibility of truth in memory. Helen Frankenthaler provided the inspiration for my pouring technique, and I adore Edward Hopper’s banal and moody scenes.”

The $1,000 Best Oil Prize was awarded to Alexander Carletti for Autopsy , painted with Archival Oils. Alexander attends the Adelaide Central School of Art (AU), and said that his moody, reflective painting was inspired by a poem of T.S. Eliot.

Chroma also wishes to congratulate the following students for winning Commendable prizes ($300 art supply gift certificate): Mark Stewart from the Tyler School of Art (US) for his painting, Battle , created with Atelier Interactive Professional Artist Acrylics; Barbara J. Briggs from the San Francisco Academy of Art University (US), for her painting, Wonderful Day , created with Atelier Interactive Professional Artist Acrylics; and Will Pierce from the Maryland Institute, College of Art (US), for his painting, Study , created with A>2 Student Acrylics.