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Atelier Interactive Acrylics Painters' Challenge Winners!

Chroma Inc. was proud to sponsor an Atelier Interactive Acrylics Painters’ Challenge in conjunction with Jerry’s Artarama for North American artists this year. Artists from across the USA and Canada entered, and we were thrilled with the quality of the artwork and the amazing talent these painters showed. Artists were awarded Interactive paints and mediums as well as gift cards to Jerry’s Artarama.

We are pleased to announce the winners: 1st Place, Two Flutes, by Karlene Voepel of Rimrock, AZ; 2nd Place, Fantasy,­ by Gabriela Trimbecka of New Cumberland, PA; 3rd Place, Tree With A Window, by Veronica Winters of State College, PA. Honorable mentions were awarded to Justin Rossi of Orlando, FL and Robert Wince of Daytona Beach, FL.

Two Flutes , Karlene’s award-winning painting, was inspired by her granddaughter. Working from photos, she rendered her granddaughter’s image twice, creating an interesting composition and capturing the charm and innocence of youth. Karlene has been painting with acrylics for about 4 years, and enjoys the unique qualities of Interactive. She particularly noted how Interactive “acted more like oils” and its great range of transparent, semi-transparent and opaque colors.

Gabriela also appreciates painting with Interactive. Using Interactive lets her “…visit the most challenging landscapes, without any frustration of them drying too fast.” For Gabriela, Interactive gives her time to play as she paints. Nature in all its forms is the source of inspiration for all her works, and Fantasy was created out in the woods in a very spontaneous manner, using just a little bit of water.

Tree With A Window was also inspired by nature. Veronica describes her painting as “…a surreal piece where both Nature and our human life come together in a single unknown landscape, where we look at Nature through windows of our homes and hearts, where the tree represents an everlasting life and we-the human beings- are just a small part of the Universe. This painting is symbolic of Life and the grand command of Nature.” Veronica likes many things about Interactive, from the fact that the tubes are easy to squeeze, to the minimal color shift and the satin finish when dry, to the ability to rework an area simply by using a water sprayer.

Chroma congratulates all of these winners, and hopes that their artwork inspires more artists to try Interactive. To read additional comments, please visit: