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Ash Artist Richard Friar

Self taught artist, Richard Friar is doing something different. It was a difficult relationship with his son that drove Richard to a catalytic moment where he was painting a picture as a way to reach out to his son. The paint began to haemorrhage across the canvas and, in desperation, Richard grabbed the fire ashes he'd cleaned from the wood fire and threw them on the canvas. This random act saved the moment on the canvas and, from this point, with growing intensity, he continued to paint using wood fire ashes. Three years later, when his son tragically died, he came to see that particular painting as a sign from within his unconscious mind.

His life has taken him on many quests, from Olympic trainer to farmer to property developer, an environmental champion of the '90's,entrepreneur, film maker and now artist. He started painting in 2008, after he and his creative partner and author, Wendy, completed their film 'Think About It!' about the future of peace building in Iraq. Today, on a metaphysical level, Richard and Wendy's work is intrinsically intertwined with each giving birth, through their respective arts, to the wonder of the unconscious.

With his creative output Richard has simply followed his own urgings and created everything from his own discovery. It was only in April, this year, that Richard 'discovered' that his paintings are known in the art world as Abstract Expressionism - a technique made popular in the 1940s by Jackson Pollock. Jackson's also put foreign matter into his works and rejected following in anyone else's path.

The public and commercial response to Richard's painted works has been overwhelmingly positive and birthed a new and exciting phase of life for Richard. But the source of his inspiration is his core curiosities about life, people and nature. A highly energetic person, Richard draws his ideas uncensored, from his unconscious mind. He often works at night, where he finds the gateways to the unconscious level of his mind much easier to access.

Richard has also made himself available for commissions of remembrance, or personal and interior design work through his website and Richard can be located as 'Artists in Residence' at their studio gallery space Art Magic, in the Gateway Centre, Mona Vale. Richard is also conducting classes from his Terry Hills Studio and Chroma is pleased to have supported Richard in his new venture.

Listed below are the stories which Wendy has written to accompany the paintings shown.

Eye in the Sky
‘Eye in the Sky’ is about the comfort that recognising that universal depths of knowledge exist and is available to all who seek it out – we only have to open our eyes and drink it in…

Lucky Stones
‘Lucky Stones’ are the things you find on the bottom of a crystal clear creek. The water running over them smoothes their skins and highlights their colours. Their sheer beauty is part of being where they are yet we’re always tempted to pick them up and put them in a pocket. There’s a beautiful moral to the story about letting go…

‘Panache’ expresses the vibrancy of all things going splendidly well. When we have overcome adversity to achieve a goal and deliver a result, that for all intent and purposes, appeared effortless – but underneath the mastery of this art is really…

Birth of Gaia
“The Birth of Gaia” flows - ‘Tis in the glory of all life that my spirits are lifted and rise into the heavens as I observe, in a conscious dream of ever wakefullness, the moment in time when these heavenly bodies -whose lives were birthed in a moments passion of expanded universe - to become as sperm...

‘Beginnings’ exemplifies the creative forces of yin and yang, of the masculine and the feminine, of the core nature of dualistic reality in which our beings are immersed and all at once both freed and limited by. Our conscious experience of life is framed through this lens but it is not the only lens we have to view it through…

The Rift
‘The Rift’ is all about what we suspect is true about the nature of reality and everything we may be too scared to look at directly. But, at the same time, we can’t help keeping it within reach and daring to touch it every now again, either…

Juicy Fruits
'Juicy Fruits' are for all of us who - beyond the hopes of all reasonable expectations - manage to hold onto and nurture and regrow the smallest surviving vestiges of joyhood and bring them up into the world to share as fairy dust that lands upon the hearts and minds of those with whom we share the ever turbulent times of our lives...