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S x S Cottesloe and Bondi

The Sculpture by the Sea exhibition at Bondi, Sydney for this year has just finished from the 3rd and 20th November, 2011. In it’s 15th year, it has grown from a voluntarily run one day exhibition into a multi-million dollar popular showcase of Australian and International sculpture, attracting around 500 000 domestic and international visitors.

Chroma was part sponsor of the Education Program at both exhibitions this year along with the NAB. This year we provided paints and mediums which were used in Education Workshops, contributing colour to the children’s work which was much loved by students and artists alike.

These workshops are a rare opportunity for students to devise and create their own sculptures in a practical workshop delivered by artists exhibiting in the main exhibition. They are part of School Education Programs which also incorporates Exhibition Focus Tours, Artist Spotlight Talks and Teachers' Professional Development Events. The workshop activities vary every day, based around the artist’s work in the exhibition and available materials. During the 2011 exhibition around 2,600 primary and secondary school students attended the program.

These valuable learning experiences for students provide professionally directed art activities in a relaxed environment as part of a school excursion. Upon arrival children listen attentively as the artists give directions about the art activity for the day and show pictures of and explain their own work. It’s even hard to hold them back, as the kids so eager to begin creating. After moving into the work space “tent”, it doesn’t take long for the children’s work to take form. The kids are helped by a large band of adults which includes teachers, volunteers, parents, the artist and Sculpture by the Sea staff.

Even given the few guide lines, many children really enjoy developing an individual idea from the available materials. ¾ -1 hour is allowed for practical activity. By this time many children’s sculptures are done or their concentration has lapsed. However there are always a few dedicated individuals, with grander plans, still working by the time the artist or teacher tries to drag them away for a group discussion. The evaluation, where kids get the chance to speak about their work, analyzing and appraising their own and others creations, is a really important component their art educational experience.

All participating schools in the Education Program go into the draw to win art supplies for their school sponsored by Chroma Australia. Chroma is also giving prizes to winners of the children’s sculpture competition , which closes to today for Bondi.

As mentioned on the Sculpture by the Sea website, they “….aim(s) to provide both students and teachers with an informative, stimulating and multi-sensory experience…(The) range of Educational Programs, including Artist-run Sculpture Workshops, Focus Tours and Artist Spotlight Talks, offer participants the opportunity to explore, examine and discuss a range of creative, conceptual and artistic responses to site and landscape, form and contemporary ideas.”

A most integral part of the Sydney Art Educational scene now. Thank you Sculpture by the Sea.