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Year round weekend courses with Tony Hogan:painting techniques with Atelier Interactive Acrylics

Chroma in association with the S.A.A. invited me to do a presentation with Atelier Interactive in 2007. I was so impressed with the unique qualities of Atelier Interactive Acrylics that I immediately consigned my then existing acrylics to the bin and switched to Interactive.
Shortly after wards I was asked to run a weekend course tutoring these for Chroma in association with a leading art magazine.

This event was limited to twelve participants but was so over subscribed that I agreed to start running similar ones at my own art centre in Yorkshire, England. Initially these courses were limited to winter weekends working in the studio but they have continued to create such demand that in 2011 my wife and I have extended them to selected summer weekends as well.

Course enthusiasts arrive on a Friday afternoon in time to settle in before gathering for a home made three course evening meal,( special dietary needs are accommodated). After the meal Tony presents unique properties of the paint and the techniques available with it. He then follow this with a live demonstration of how it can be used in a loose water colour style technique.

The next day, working in a relaxed and easy to follow manner, Tony guides the participants through a day of painting incorporating some techniques discussed the previous evening. Particular emphasis is placed on the unique extended open time and re-activation ability of the paint, along with rag & wipe, fat over lean, glazing, blending, scraffito and others. A second canvas is also prepared for the following day’s impasto style of painting.

Sunday focuses on techniques designed to produce more textural work, showing how gesso primer and modeling compounds can be worked with the acrylic for easily achievable impasto effects.

The original Autumn and Winter weekends have all been studio based with strong emphasis on the unique properties of the paint and the techniques available to gain maximum results. With the new summer weekend program it is anticipated that this will still be the focus of the courses but that subject to weather there will now be an element of plein-air involved.

Initially trained at Bradford College of Art in the early 60’s Tony has been both a commercial and fine art artist all his life with work hung in galleries and private collections around the world. For the last 15 years Tony and his wife have also run holiday courses from our art centre on the Yorkshire Wolds, England.

He is a degree tutor for the Open College of the Arts, a professional associate of the S.A.A, and a demonstrator for several leading art manufacturers and suppliers.

Full details of the Atelier Interactive Acrylic weekend course and images of his work can be viewed on

Tony can be contacted by e mail; or by writing to Tony Hogan, Wolds Gallery, Five Pennies, East Street, Kilham, East Yorkshire, YO25 4RE, United Kingdom