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“Arty Brellas” Mural, Jackson’s store, Subiaco, W. A.

Following our 1st instalment in May on the Jackson’s mural, much work was completed in the last weeks of July and August. A large part of this stage has been spent analyzing the work and making critical decisions regarding the final composition. Intuition and innate artistic bent have come to the fore in the development of the composition … bringing the childrens brellas ‘to life’, reported artist Trisha Stedman.

There has even been a re-enactment with a current council gardener giving a bunch of roses to one of Jacksons staff, just as the Council gardener used to do, in the 1970s. During the 70's there was always a vase of flowers on the counter at Jacksons.

This historical reference to activities of the Gardner who attended the rose garden is an important part of the commission requested by Subiaco Council.

Due to Trisha’s dedication to accuracy her approach is very methodical . In August the yellow background was sanded back and repainted.
Last summer Trisha painted in the yellow background, but despite working as fast as possible, in “the cool of the evening”, the paint dried so rapidly the result was lots of patchy sections. This was carefully repainted, keeping the paint as moist as possible.

Each child’s umbrella takes, on average, 4 – 7 hours to paint, one recently taking 10 hours! The ‘challenge’ with this mural lies in creating a 3 dimensional look to each brella. This is achieved through the structural spokes which lie under the umbrella canopies. These ‘bones’, are set out with great attention to detail and in places appear through canopy film.

In the mural there are a total of 31 umbrellas and 24 portraits. The brellas are now complete and Tricia has commenced painting the remainder of the portraits.

The mural is due to be installed and unveiled in late November 2011.