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Schools Reconciliation Challenge of NSW Reconciliation Council

The NSW Reconciliation Council is a non-profit, non-government organisation working towards building better relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in NSW. Earlier in the year it held a state wide art competition for young people to encourage creative engagement with reconciliation and foster appreciation for the arts in young people. Chroma sponsored prizes for the awards ceremony which was held at the Australian Museum on the 27th May, the first day of Reconciliation Week. Read on for news of the event and prize winners.

The awards ceremony was an excellent affair with performances from Descendance, an Aboriginal dance group; the Stiff Gins and the International Grammar School Choir. It was well attended by local residents, school representatives and members of the artistic community.The exhibition was also featured at the Australian Museum for the duration of Reconciliation Week.

The prize winners were:

First Jasmin Hill, Year 6, Belrose Primary School – ‘A Footstep Closer’

Artist Statement- "The road both ways shows that we can learn, revisit and not forget the past as we go towards whatever the future holds. It is all about living, learning and respecting others along the way – that is what the snakes represent, different peoples as one. "

Second Keira Roberts, Year 6, Nymboida Primary School, -‘ Turtle's Freedom’

Artist Statement - "Turtles represent my family’s totem and the title represents the freedom of all people in Australia.

Although the colours I have used are black, white and grey to refer to multiculturalism, and different cultures mixing, my poem is about how similar we are: we all ‘bleed red’, …. there is a place for all of us in ‘the crowd’ and we should be proud of who we are."

Third Savannah Boller, Year 6, Coorabell Primary School, - ‘Kangasav’

Artist Statement - "My artwork represents a person with a kangaroo, and the two figures together show that regardless of culture, people can live in harmony with each other, the animals and the land. ….For the background, I was inspired by Aboriginal symbols but I also combined them with symbols of my own to represent the theme ‘You, Me, Us’."