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Arty Brella Mural

Tricia Stedman is well known for her Arty Brella’s art workshop which was established in 2006. She developed the concept of painting on paper umbrelllas as a workshop activity and unique decorative art, using Jo Sonja's acrylics.

Kevin Jacksons and Subiaco Council have asked her to paint a mural that will be showcased on the rear western wall of the building that faces the car park servicing the cosmopolitan shopping and dining precinct of central Subiaco. Mr. Jackson has owned the building in Rokeby Road where Jackson's Drawing supplies has been trading, for decades and only redeveloped it last year.

The historical themed mural will be a painting of Year 5 and 6 students from Subiaco Primary school dressed in period clothes holding their hand painted umbrellas. Subiaco council requested a historical reference to the primary school which is one of the most significant historical buildings in the area. They also expressed a wish for representation of the roses from the old council rose garden, which will be achieved on the umbrellas. The gardener, who looked after the roses, was also a well known identity in the area. Trisha, the artist, is the coordinator bringing all the elements together, with the artistic and people skills to make it all happen.

The children worked on Arty Brellas over 3 painting sessions in workshops conducted by Trisha.These sessions were conducted at various locations such as the school, in front of Jackson’s store and at the famous Rose Garden (which is now known as ‘Forest Walk’). Kevin Jackson paid the children the honour of addressing them and answering questions about Subiaco’s history. At the end of the sessions the kids were photographed with their masterpieces which will now be transformed into a great big mural.

Keep watch on this news Section for updates on the mural project!