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Chroma Europe donates paint to Chalkboard project to help boost funds for local School

Kids at a local school are currently fundraising to raise money to install a telescopic pool cover (so the children can swim all year round) as well as equipment/materials for various clubs that they are involved in. Liz Black from AppleJack Crafts was approached by the Friends of Edge Grove Fundraising Committee to help them create a project to be sold at the forthcoming Annual Christmas Fair. Liz and the team from AppleJack Crafts developed a chalkboard which would be personalized by the children in the pre-prep and made available for parents to purchase at the fair.
Various members of the committee donated their time in the weeks leading up the event and we produced 100 personalised chalkboards with 100 sets of very cute hand-prints. After many sessions in the studio preparing the boards, they spent a lovely morning with the nursery, reception and year 1 children painting their hands and making sure they put them in the right place! Liz stated that it was “a potentially disastrous mission that went off without a hitch! Phew!”
Fraser Kirkwood from Chroma Europe kindly donated the Jo Sonja products and other local businesses who donated materials and time. The project was hugely successful and helped to boost the funds by £1000!