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Brands Used: Atelier Interactive, Absolute Matte, Archival Oils.

Painting Styles: Landscape.

Painting Mediums: Acrylic, Oil.

Fine Artist, Workshop and sessional teacher and demonstrator for Art Clubs and Societies. My passion to record nature and create beauty motivated me to started studies with a Diploma of Fine Arts at Townsville TAFE. I continued with other studies at university after thatthrough to a PHD from James Cook University in 2000.

First Name Last Name I have been educating myself and working as a professional artist for 35 years now, and have held many group exhibitions, 50 solo exhibitions, in Australia, Asia and the USA and won numerous awards. Beautiful,tropical North Queensland has been my home for over 40 years.  However I was initially drawn into experiencing the amazing Australian landscape during my formative years on the Darling Downs.

I describe myself as a colourist in painting, being tremendously inspired by the magnificent colours and forms of the Australian landscape. My art reflects the environment and aims to portray a 'sense of place'

  • Red River Gum and Escarpment
    Red River Gum and Escarpment
  • Primrose Sky + Jabiru
    Primrose Sky + Jabiru
  • Old Boot + Landscape No II
    Old Boot + Landscape No II