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Brands Used: Atelier Interactive, Archival Oils, Jo Sonja's.

Painting Styles: Landscape, Portrait, Still Life, Nature, Folk Art, Decorative.

Painting Mediums: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour.

Enjoyment is using my Artistics skills regularly.
I am a realistic artist who's interests are wide and varied, whether painting on wood, watercolour paper, material or canvas using many mediums.

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Living on a farm, in the  beautiful  King Valley, North-East, Victoria, there is inspiration all around. My love of painting was put on hold, while raising our four children, but did begin when painting for the Guild League lover of Birds  in primary school.  I've always loved using my hands for many crafts eg. sewing, embroidery, cooking, spinning, knitting, crochet, gardening and painting. Not surprisingly, I trained as a Home Economics, Needlework and Science teacher and have taught in the adult education field for many years.
In 1997  I resummed art in the Decorative field, and then have since added my own realistic style. Teaching Decorative Painting for the last 7 years has been extremely rewarding.