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Brands Used: Atelier Interactive.

Painting Styles: Landscape, Portrait.

Painting Mediums: Acrylic.

I live on the far North Coast of NSW with my beautiful wife and children. I am lucky enough to live where I grew up, surfing and enjoying the fabulous beaches of this region.

I am interested in transporting us to a magical place in my art. That place is found in insignificant events and places that are unnoticed in our scramble for survival and our obsession with collecting “stuff”. The paradox is that these simple events and places have a complexity and power beyond imagination. They can transform our reality.

First Name Last Name As well as painting for myself for exhibitions I hold regular workshops and classes in my studio at Lennox Head as well as being available for demonstrations. To get the word out there that throwing some paint around is a great thing to do I've also created some DVDs, launched a painting website in addition to my artist website http://www.markwaller.com.au and do a whole lot of other stuff that artists do.

As a teacher I want to demystify the process of painting and embrace the joy of creating.
Painting is probably the second best thing in the world that I've ever done. I love doing it. A lot of information out there these days is kinda serious. Painting to me is fun, and there is already plenty of angst in the world.

I've watched a lot of people struggle with parts of their painting process over a fairly long time. It seemed to me that there were some fairly simple solutions to some of these problems. On Explore Acrylics I explain things like a whole host of painting techniques, what they are and how they can help you create the effects you're after. My goal is to make a website that educates, entertains and shares information to help you by eliminating any elitism or fear factor.

I use Atelier Interactive exclusively and make regular contributions to Paint Talk on the Chroma website. Check out my images in the Chroma Fine Art gallery if you like what you see here.


  • Evans Heaven
    Evans Heaven
  • Dolphins
  • Rock Pool Angel
    Rock Pool Angel
  • Johnathon Livingston contemplates his mortality
    Johnathon Livingston contemplates his mortality