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Brands Used: Atelier Interactive.

Painting Styles: Landscape, Still Life, Abstract, Nature.

Painting Mediums: Acrylic, Watercolour, Mixed Media.

My goal as an artist and instructor is to be explore and stay open to new possibilities. Working with Atelier Interactives has given me the freedom to create many stunning fine art effects. I have been successful with wet into wet techniques on canvas, blending techniques with easel painting, and have discovered the joys of collage using Interactives. I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the results.
As I move ahead with the Agave series I continue to discover new applications for the Atelier Interactive pigments and mediums. It seems there is no limit to the possibilities, and this is why I love the product!
I have recently begun a new series entitled "Still Scapes" which are based on organic form and are botanical abstractions, but in larger format. My ties to the four corners area of the Southwestern United States show through in all of my work, and as I worked on images of "still life" on big canvas I began to see the landscape of the Southwest.
This gave me the idea for "Still Scapes". These paintings require big brush applications with Interactives so are painted with mural brushes.
I live the resulting textures and rich hues that develop in layers as I work. These images will be posted as in process on my new blog so please stop by and let me know what you think!
I am now going on 3 years as a resident artist at Austin Art Space Gallery, Austin, TX. The gallery has given me the motivation to paint on a daily basis and I continue to be amazed and delighted by what I am able to achieve with Interactives.
I continue to offer workshops and small group lessons from my home studio in Volente, TX and on site for art organization.

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I have been fortunate to live in some of the most beautiful places on earth. Having grown up in the southwestern corner of Colorado, I spent several years living on the Navajo Reservation around Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly. Several years later I lived on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, before moving to the Austin area. My work is a personal reflection of my experience of these physical realities.

I am not a formula painter as such, as I continue to do experimental work. I work mainly with the recurring themes of landscape, nature, and abstraction. Chroma Atelier Interactive pigments and mediums have opened wonderful new doors in artistic expression for me as a professional.

 The beauty of our planet and my experience of this beauty are my constant inspiration.  I hope you will enjoy viewing my Agave Series on this page as well as on the Chroma professional page with links to my studio/gallery and my professional website, and blog.

  • Ghost Ranch October
    Ghost Ranch October
  • "Night Opening"
    "Night Opening"
  • Agave Forest Abstract 2
    Agave Forest Abstract 2
  • Agave Electric lll
    Agave Electric lll
  • Wave Series by Marilyn Rea Nasky
    Wave Series by Marilyn Rea Nasky
  • Edge of Evening
    Edge of Evening