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Brands Used: Atelier Interactive, Absolute Matte, Archival Oils, Jo Sonja's.

Painting Styles: Nature, Folk Art, Decorative.

Painting Mediums: Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media.

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Welcome to my webpage. My love of art began early when I started drawing and painting almost as soon as I could hold a pencil and paintbrush. My mother is an accomplished fine artist and had an enormous influence over my discovery of my passion for drawing and painting and she inspires constantly me to become the artist I am today. Being surrounded by creativity throughout my childhood, I was able to learn all mediums and nurture and develop my own style of art. This was always evident in my school projects and afterwards in my style of presentations in my working life.


Art took a back seat when I started a family but it never left my thoughts. When my two boys started pre school and school, I decided to try my hand at painting again and enrolled in a Decorative Painting class. This broadened my knowledge of techniques and mediums even further as my passion for art was once again ignited. This has continued since 1995 growing stronger each year.


Attending many varied workshops over the years also stirred a desire to teach others and I now teach on a regular basis at workshops, conventions and at my home studio. I love the time when someone else discovers the joy of painting. To see them develop as an artist is a source of great satisfaction for me.


I paint in a variety of mediums including, oils, acrylics, watercolour and mixed media. As you can see in my gallery I particularly like realistic flowers but my art not limited to this and I am currently discovering the versatility and unique results of mixed media.


I am currently a member of the True Blue Decorative Artists society and the Society of Decorative Painters, USA. I have also been published in the Australian Decorative Painting magazine and have exhibited my work at various art shows. There is also a healthy stream of commissioned work to keep me busy.


I hope you enjoy my gallery and welcome all feedback and enquiries.

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