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Brands Used: Atelier Interactive, Absolute Matte, Archival Oils, Jo Sonja's, A2 Acrylics.

Painting Styles: Landscape, Portrait, Still Life, Abstract, Nature, Folk Art, Decorative.

Painting Mediums: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour, Mixed Media.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Judith but I answer to Judith, Judy or Jude. After living in the country for many years, I now live in Modbury Heights, Adelaide, SA, a great part of the world.
My husband Gerald & I have a son who after returning from a work exchange trip to Canada & is now working in Western Australia and a married daughter, who with her hubby, has a daughter, Evangeline, (Evie) who turned 3 years old in February & a new baby boy, Tobias (Toby) born in April 2011.

I love to paint and I love to teach

I am passionate about art & sharing it with others. I don't have any favourite type or style of art in particular, I love it all & I find value in any art, even artwork that doesn't appeal to me in it's style or subject as someone has taken the time & effort to create it & have usually put their heart & soul into it.
I started originally doing Folk & Decorative Art as some of the photos on my pages show & branched out over the years into Fine Art. I just wanted to paint & try it all Colour & paint are exciting & creating with them even more exciting! And seeing the excitement of others when they create new pieces of art is a treat to share! Anyone can learn to paint, one doesn't have to have a natural talent, in fact most people who paint don't have an inborn talent, they just have to have the desire to learn to paint & then stick with it.

I think we painting folk may have a little paint in the veins !?!?

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CREATING WITH PAINT, as I have said, anyone can do it, it's just a matter of learning the techniques & painting is a continual process of learning. Just by painting one continues to learn, it's interactive, believe it or not but the more one becomes involved in painting the more we learn from this interaction.  Our paintings begin to "talk to us", not literally but still just as strongly. We just have to be aware &  "listen" or perceive for want of a more correct term,  to what our paintings are "saying."   A great aspect of paintnig are "happy accidents,"  Happy accidents are when we do something we don't mean to do but it turns out well & we are happy with the result. The happy accident can then be remembered for later when we need to use that particular "technique" again.  It's exciting to have happy accidents - not too many accidents can be claimed as happy!!    One can create & paint using paints, mediums, brushes & a variety of "tools," some of which can be found in any household or even out in the shed or in a hardware store, . We can even incorporate art and craft together.  Fine art, folk art & decorative art, watercolour, scrapbooking, quilting, paper arts,  mixed media, stamping, card making, fabric painting and more have overlapped & been interwoven with each other as people have new creative ideas that seem to flow from within!  One can paint on canvas, board, paper, watercolour paper, illustration board, furniture, mdf wooden items, glass, china, fabric& a multitude of other things. 

I started painting about 16years ago when I lived in the country. My introduction to painting came with Folk Art & Decorative painting, a form of art which I loved as there were so many surfaces to paint on. We have some wonderful Folk & Decorative Artists in South Australia & Australia & I was privileged to paint with them.  Over the years as my tastes in art broadened, I dabbled in fine art but mostly teaching myself as I went along, with a bit of tuition now & again. Since then I have furthered my fine art painting, not specialising in one particular style or medium but learning as much as I can about them all.

I have continued to learn, doing workshops with other Artists, enrolling in various art courses, including fine art, year 12 art, some sketching classes and portrait painting. I joined the Gawler Art Society in 2008, a lovely group of folk who form a very active art group and I look forward to painting each week with them as well as attending the once a month workshops that we have at Gawler Art Society. Visiting artists come along to teach &  to share their knowledge with us & what a talented & generous group they are.

In the past, I have travelled to New Zealand, Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria & rural South Australia to teach & look forward to doing so again in the future when time permits.

 I love to teach & I love to share the many techniques &  hints & tips that I have learned through years of painting so that others can realise their dream of being able to paint. So many people want to paint but think they won't be able to - but they can. So can you. If you are one of those folk who have told themselves that they would love to paint, then feel free to contact me to find out more & come along to join us as we create with paint!

Through my artwork I support various causes & together with my husband, we also sponsor a little girl in Vietnam through World Vision so I feel truly blessed to be able to use my artistic & teaching abilities to benefit others, either by teaching them to paint or by supporting those who need our help.




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