Chroma Mural Paint & Mural Paint Markers

Chroma Mural Paint and Mural Paint Markers are lightfast, outdoor, water resistant paints, designed with the mural artist in mind. With superior coverage, handling and pigment load, artists have a great paint that can be used straight from the bottle for interior and exterior murals. The bright and mixable colors are non-toxic and clean up easily.

Chroma Mural Paint Color Chart

Chroma Mural Paint Markers Color Chart

Chroma Mural Paint Users' Guide

Chroma Mural Paint comes in 16 creamy colors and is available in 16 oz and 1/2 Gallon sizes. Polar White and Blacktop available in Gallon bottles as well.

Chroma Mural Paint Markers come in 25 expressive colors and are available in 4 oz synthetic mohair dabber bottles.


Fusion I.A. Series

Fusion I.A. Series are professional-grade coatings, grounds and varnishes. They are for artists who demand the very best, and are recommended for use with Chroma Mural Paints, all Chroma professional fine art paints, and other projects designed for outdoors.

Binder Medium
Fusion I.A. Series Binder Medium is a heavy duty binder recommended to prepare and seal surfaces in preparation for painting with acrylic or oils. Fusion I.A. Series Gesso may be applied over Binder Medium to provide extra “tooth”. Promotes strong adhesion of the paint and prevents loss of moisture into the substrate and remains flexible. Not for use as a protective isolation coat. Available in 16 oz & 32 oz.

Fusion I.A. Series White Gesso is a superior quality, heavy bodied bright white gesso with industrial strength opacity, adhesion and water resistance. It contains maximum levels of titanium dioxide, calcite grit and acrylic resin. Caution should be used when sanding a surface with Fusion I.A. Series Gesso. May be applied over Binder Medium to provide extra “tooth”. Dries to a non-yellowing, flexible matte finish and is suitable for professional works of art. Recommended for use with all of Chroma’s Professional Grade Paints including Mural Paint, Archival Oils, Atelier Interactive and Chroma’s Jo Sonja Artists’ Colours. Available in 32 oz and Gallons.

Pro-grade Exterior UV Varnish - Gloss & Matte
Projects can become damaged from the elements. Fusion I.A. Series Pro-grade Exterior UV Varnishes are an all-acrylic, clear, superior performance coating offering excellent exterior durability that resists cracking, peeling and blistering. The weatherproofing formula protects your project from damaging UV rays while providing a high degree of water resistance and long term sealing protection. Can also be used to refresh previously stained wood without darkening. During use, ensure adequate ventilation. Even though the product is non-toxic, it should be kept out of the reach of children. Available in 16 oz and Quarts.

Surface, temperature, humidity and paint application affect any paint’s performance. Due to the individual nature of art, Chroma makes no express or implied warranties regarding the suitability of  a particular paint for a particular situation.