Green Series Tempera

The environmentally friendly tempera paint!

Green Series Tempera is made using the wash water that is collected and recycled during the manufacture of Chroma’s other brands of paints. It contains virtually no detergents and is non-toxic. By using this unique process, manufacturing of Green Series Tempera requires approximately 25% less energy than is needed to make a standard tempera paint and in turn, reduces its carbon footprint. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly as the paint comes in high-density polyethylene bottles that are recyclable, is labeled with graphics printed on recycled paper and is shipped in cartons made of recycled cardboard.

Comes in 12 intermixable colors and is available in 16 oz and gallon bottles.

This product does not contain egg, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy or peanut products, by-products or derivatives.  This product does not contain latex materials or animal derived ingredients.