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Revitalized Paper Craft with Lee Clements

Individually made cards bring lasting pleasure to the recipients who often treasure the article of friends or family creativity as an extension of that person. Similarly albums which celebrate memories of special times and family growth can be made so much more special by personal touches of creativity. Finding fresh ideas for scrap booking involves thinking about the occasion, content of the photos or characteristics and desires of the people involved. Once the general idea has been established the variety of scrap booking techniques are endless.

Lee Clements is one of those artists whose output is prodigious and whose whole life has been involved with visual creativity in many forms. Before turning to scrap booking Lee painted in a variety of mediums including, oils, acrylics, water colour and mixed media. She particularly likes realistic flowers but her art is not limited to this and she is currently discovering the versatility and unique results of mixed media, focusing on paper craft. Lee is attracted by the quick results, thinking outside of the box and three dimensionality made possible with the use of various mediums.

Over the years Lee has attended many varied workshops which ignited a desire to teach others. She now teaches regularly at workshops, conventions and in her home studio. As such she has been one of Chroma’s promoting artists for years, is a member of Chroma’s Teacher and Artists Partnering Program and the True Blue Decorative Artists Society . She has also published in the Fine Art and Decorative Painting and Handmade magazines.

When someone else discovers the joy of painting and starts developing as an artist, it is a source of great satisfaction for Lee. Because sharing her work and inspiring others brings her so much joy Lee has laid out for the Chroma site 3 of her most recent projects that will hopefully guide or inspire you on to create beautiful things of your own.

Lee can be contacted on 03 9707 1163 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 03 9707 1163 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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  1. comment_1_10703

    Serena commented on Juillet 29, 2010, at 2:12 pm.

    Dream Wish Photo Album
    By Lee Clements

    Stencil TCW156
    Kaiser Craft Album #5 B103
    Kaiser Craft Fozz Felt Flower Power
    Scrap FX Flutterby cutout
    Plaid Embossing Stencil 30315
    Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours - Azure, Titanium White, Pearl White, Lilac, Opal Dust
    Jo Sonja’s Gesso
    Jo Sonja’s Polyurethane Waterbased Gloss Varnish
    White Satin Ribbon

    1. Base album with one coat of Gesso. Dry. Lightly sand.
    2. Base album with Azure. Dry.
    3. For front cover – Mix Azure, Titanium White and Pearl White in a ratio of 1:1:2 and sponge over stencil TCW156. Dry. Paint swirly lines in the negative spaces with rigger brush. Using this mix, stencil words with stencil. Dry
    4. Float Azure around outside edge of cover and window. Dry.
    5. Cut a section of Fozz Felt to fit down left hand side of cover. Sponge this section of felt with the lightened Azure mix then stipple with Pearl White. Dry. Stipple with Opal Dust. Dry.
    6. Make a pink mix with Lilac, Titanium White and Pearl White in a ratio of 2:1:2. Stencil a few words with this mix. Stamp another lighter layer of pink on top.
    7. Paint Flutterby in the pink mix. Stipple the lighter pink mix randomly. Dry. Stipple Opal Dust over Flutterby. Dry
    8. Assemble by sticking Fozz Felt down left hand side. Stick Flutterby in right hand top corner. Varnish with Gloss Varnish. Dry. Stick pink gemstones where desired. Tie white ribbon to hold album together.

    Click the following link to download the instructions as a pdf.

  2. comment_2_10703

    Jim Cobb commented on Juillet 29, 2010, at 2:30 pm.

    Friends Card
    By Lee Clements

    Bazzill Cardstock Desert Dune 17cm x 30cm
    Peach Bazzill Card: 160mm x 60mm, 150mm x 50mm, 60mm x 45mm, 50mm x 35mm
    3 x yellow flower embellishments
    Zig black waterproof writer
    Gold waterproof writer
    Swirls stamp
    Butterfly stencil
    Double sided tape
    Atelier Interactive Binder Medium
    Atelier Interactive Impasto Gel
    Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours – Orange, Indian Yellow, Rich Gold, Titanium White,

    1. Fold Desert Dune card stock to create vertically opening card.
    2. Paint the 150mm x 50mm and 50mm x 35mm peach card with Orange, then while wet, swipe with Indian Yellow. While wet press the swirls stamp into the paint to leave indentations. Dry. Mix Indian Yellow with Titanium White and stamp swirls randomly.
    3. Punch corners with decorative punch.
    4. Rub Rich Gold around edges of the peach and painted card pieces. Rub Rich Gold around outside edge of Desert dune card face. Dry brush Rich Gold vertically down the card face sparingly.
    5. Adhere the painted card to the larger peach card with Binder Medium. Adhere to Desert Dune as per photo with Binder Medium.
    6. Adhere three flower embellishments onto the larger painted card with double sided tape.
    7. Mix Rich Gold with Impasto Gel and stencil the butterfly in the upper right hand corner. Daub dots of this mix on the middle of the yellow flowers. Dry thoroughly.
    8. Doodle the word ‘Friends’ on the smaller orange painted card using first the gold then black writers.

    Click the following link to download the instructions as a pdf.

  3. comment_3_10703

    Jim Cobb commented on Juillet 29, 2010, at 2:34 pm.

    Smile Card
    By Lee Clements

    Green card 210mm x 150mm
    Pale yellow card 90mm x 30mm
    Patterned paper from Kaisercraft 6” paper pad – Utopia Collection, 140mm x 45mm
    Carl Craft Punch – Daisy
    Purple craft wire
    ‘Smile’ Stencil
    3 Freshwater pearl beads
    Double sided tape
    Double sided mounting tape
    Jo Sonja’s Texture paste
    Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours – Orange, Purple Madder, Naples Yellow Hue

    1. Fold green cardstock to create vertically opening card.
    2. Punch three daisies evenly spaced, from the pale yellow cardstock. Cut the remaining cardstock into three squares framing the daisy cutouts.
    3. Rub Purple Madder around the edges of the pale yellow squares. Adhere evenly to the patterned paper with the double sided mounting tape.
    4. Mix Texture Paste with Naples Yellow Hue and stencil the word ‘smile’ in the top right hand corner of the green cardstock. Dry.
    5. Rub Purple Madder around the tips of the daisy petals. Thread a pearl bead onto the purple craft wire and thread through a pin hole in the centre of the daisies.
    6. Adhere the patterned paper to the green cardstock with the double sided tape.
    7. Adhere the daisy cutouts and wire to the green cardstock with the double sided mounting tape. Tie a small piece of pale green ribbon around the stems of the daisies and adhere to the green cardstock with double sided tape. Bend the ends of the wire back under the card and cover the ends inside the card with tape.

    Click the following link to download the instructions as a pdf.