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Chromacryl has long been Australia’s favourite brand of school paint. This has been largely due to its high quality and relatively low price. However here at Chroma we are always looking at innovative ways to improve our paints. Even our well established and highly successful brands need an update from time to time so that they can continue to lead the market.

Over the past year we have been working on improving the quality of Chromacryl. Improving the quality of a student quality paint without adding to its price is even more difficult than for an artists’ paint.

The New Formula has a ‘painty ‘ rather than syrupy consistency which is typical of student grade acrylics and we think it will be much more satisfying for young students because they enjoy textural possibilities.

New Chromacryl dries to a satin finish maintaining crisp intense colours without the plastic look of other acrylics. There are suitable varnishes in the Chromacryl range which can be used to change the surface sheen if a gloss or matte look is desired.

Bottles of 1 and 2 litre and 250ml Jars carry a new label denoting the new formula.
Note: The 75ml tubes will contain the thicker formula too but they will not have a new label.

When you try the new formula you should notice the heavy body and density, similar to artists’ paints, with stronger colour and coverage. At Chroma we really encourage feedback from people who use our paints so please tell us what you think of the new formula by posting a comment below.

Note: The new formula is only available in Australia at this point in time.

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  1. comment_1_8514

    Serena commented on Octobre 28, 2009, at 3:58 pm.

    We received this the other day from an artist Richard Rogers:

    Just a short note to say thanks for sending me the latest painting with Interactive DVD. I enjoyed it and It's always interesting for me to see how other artists paint and approach demonstrations.

    Thanks also for the three tubes of reformulated Chromacryl you sent me to try.I've attached the results for you to see.

    I thought you might be interested to know that that I did three paintings using just 3 colours, Chromacryl cool yellow, cool blue and warm red and Interactive white but no mediums other than water. I was pleasantly surprised. The paints performed very well. They have a good 'feel', a great consistency to work with and excellent covering power. In that price range I don't think there would be a better paint out there.