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Jo Sonja Named Living Treasure!

The National Museum of Decorative Painting has proclaimed Jo Sonja Jansen to be A LIVING TREASURE in recognition of her talents, educational contributions, and preservation of decorative painting.

She was presented a proclamation at the Creative Painting Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday, February 29, 2012.

Click Here to watch a video of the presentation:

The proclamation reads:

Official Living Treasure Proclamation

WHEREAS The National Museum of Decorative Painting celebrates the practitioners of the art form and their talents, along with their contribution to education and the preservation of the art form.

AND WHEREAS our Living Treasures, whose value and rarity rests in their own hands, those hands which hold a know-how of excellence, and an exceptional skill;

AND WHEREAS our Living Treasures have been invested with a mission: to ensure that this invaluable heritage is passed on, that their techniques are renewed and forever reinvented.

AND WHEREAS it is our responsibility to pass on this heritage, to preserve this unique art form, and to put a spotlight on these Living Treasures who are true creators and whose works shine brightly as a standard for all to aspire to;

AND WHEREAS honoring those few, whose talents, educational contributions, adherence to a high standard of excellence place them in a position of utmost respect and admiration,


I, Andy Jones, Director of the National Museum of Decorative Painting, and the Museum's Board of Trustees do hereby designate


Jo Sonja - A Life In Folk Art

Jo Sonja is also the focus of a major retrospective opening April 20, 2012, at the National Museum of Decorative Painting in Atlanta, GA, USA. A beautiful 160 page, full-color catalog will accompany this exhibition. A Life In Folk Art was designed and published by the National Museum of Decorative Painting. It shares the vast scope of the past 40 years of Jo Sonja’s work and provides a sense of the wide range of styles and motifs she has designed and created over the years. 160 full color pages featuring ten never before published Jo Sonja projects.

This soon-to-be collector's item is available at and The Museum of Decorative Painting at

For the opening reception, the Museum was filled with people from all across the United States who came to share this monumental occasion with Jo Sonja and her family. Guests came from all over the country, and Jo Sonja welcomed guests, signed her new book, and simply reveled in all the warm wishes for her.

The exhibit displays artwork spanning a 40 year career. Over 80 pieces track the development of her style of painting and her subject matter: folk figures, whimsical animals, religious themes, fruits, florals, paintings inspired by folk tales, and, folk art including Rosemaling, Swedish, Chippendale, Appenzel, French bridal painting, Austrian and German, narrow boat painting, and Christmas designs.

As Andy Jones, the Director of the National Museum of Folk Art stated, "Bravo Jo Sonja - your life in folk art has been well lived! The whole artistic and creative community looks forward to seeing what you create and share with us next"

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  1. comment_1_18070

    TERESA commented on Mai 21, 2012, at 4:00 am.

    It is about time! This lady is a jewel! I love every book she has ever published {that I know of}. Her paintings are so beautiful and classic. She is the person who inspired me to become a decorative painter. Congratulations! From one RN and decorative painter to another...