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Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Do you like making gifts and cards?Here is a very easy step by step tutorial on a Christmas card design by one of Chroma's TAPP teachers, Anna Rosa Martin.. After you have done this it will be easy to make variations by experimenting with different colour combinations and stencil patterns.

You will need:
Heavy cotton or linen fabric
a plain 210gsm card
Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer
Jo Sonja Décor Crackle Medium
A large 1” flat brush
1 x no. 8 or 10 round hog hair brush,
1 x sea sponge
Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colours, Napthol Crimson, Pine Green, Rich Gold and Warm White or Soft White,
A Kaisercraft Christmas Stamp
VersaMark stamp pad,
White Embossing powder
Thread for sewing,

Anna explains the process in her easy going way,

“1. I pull some threads out of the edges of the fabric because I like the frayed look.

2 .I base coat the card in All Purpose Sealer.

3. Then, using a large flat base coating brush I apply a couple of coats of Soft White or Warm White acrylic paint.

4. I use a stiff hog hair brush and paint the fabric with Napthol Crimson. The hog hair is easier to push paint into the weave of the fabric.

5. When the Soft White is dry, I apply a thick coat of Decor Crackle Medium using a hog hair brush.

6. When the fabric is dry, I use a Kaisercraft Christmas Stamp and pat it into the VersaMark stamp pad. While the stamp is still wet, I gently shake the White Embossing Powder over the top. Then I need to shake off the excess powder and heat the stamped area with a heat gun until I get that shiny, embossed look.

7. When the Decor Crackle Medium is dry I use a dry sea sponge and heavily sponge Pine Green paint all over the card. Using a dry sea sponge loaded heavily with paint, will give you larger more defined cracks. Make sure your sponge is loaded with paint and start in one corner and work your way across the card. Try not to go over wet paint as this will lift paint off rather than make it heavier.

8. To add a bit of luster, I finish it off by using JS Rich Gold Artist’s Acrylic with a dry brush technique marking over the crackled green surface.

9. To attach the fabric to card I sew using a swirly pattern with a mixture of gold and coloured cotton.

I have included a detail of the finished card. I hope you have fun making your Christmas craft.”

All the paints and mediums used were Jo Sonja's . Anna Rosa Martin has her own blog spot here you want to see more of her work and tutorials. Anna is also a contributor to a website called Projects for Crafters which we featured in Chroma’s News section during October where there is a link to the Projects4crafters site.