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Decorative Art Gallery

Earlier this year we asked a number of decorative artists to send us images of their work to share. Ideas and inspiration come from many different areas in life and an artistic community is so important in keeping motivation going. Greater exposure to decorative art objects and images from other artists opens us up to different techniques. Here at Chroma we are attempting to create an artistic community for artists to take part in. Expression and inspiration is a constant quest for learning new things.

In the posts below, many artists who create with Jo Sonja’s have generously shared their images with us. Take a look at the wonderful variety of decorative work, add some comments of your own and help to inspire others.

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  1. comment_1_8655

    Serena commented on Novembre 12, 2009, at 11:07 am.

    Effie Carayannis

    We received these images from Effie Carayannis who is a Chroma TAPP Member and winner of The Florence Monod Memorial Award, Royal Melbourne Show in 2004.

    Effie writes that;
    'Captain Cook's Cottage' is painted with Archival oils using the oil rouging technique on canvas.
    I visited the cottage and took several photos of it before painting it from those photos. I have also obtained permission from the Department of Arts and Heritage in Melbourne to teach and/or submit the painting to magazines. The cottage is situated at the Fitzroy gardens in Melbourne.
    'Capsized' is painted with Atelier Interactives on canvas.

    The works "wild prints','monogramed case' and 'doily placemat' have all been painted with Jo Sonja paints and mediums.

    I designed my own font on the monogram, so it includes every letter of the alphabet, (the motif in the background is my design too). It can be painted on anything you wish to personalize.

    "Wild prints" are painted on small canvases, inspired by the current trend in soft furnishings.

  2. comment_2_8655

    Serena commented on Novembre 12, 2009, at 12:31 pm.

    Donna Mearns

    The images below come from Donna Mearns who lives in the Northern Territory.She is a Chroma Tapp teacher and runs Muse Cottage Art and Craft Studio.

    Her tropical environment abounds with plants and animals which are sources of inspiration for her art.

    Donna responded after we asked teachers to send in images of their work. Except where noted, Donna has painted these works in Jo Sonja's acrylic paints.

    Donna wrote an explanation of each piece:
    The Leichhardt flower is a native of the top end. This is my contemporary version of the flower.Acrylic texture paste.on canvas 51 x 40.5cm

    The Green Pandanus Nut is also a native to the wet areas of the top end.I have painted this on a large square craft wood platter and solvent varnished it.

    'Red Hibiscus Platter' was painted on a large rectangle craft wood platter finished and with Chroma Solvent Varnish.

    'Pink Rose' is an adaption of a white rose I grew! Yes they do grow up here sometimes.I painted this using Absolute Matte, painted in washes similar to watercolour.

    'Native Ginger Tryptich' is an image of the plant, a large bulbous root which was given to me by one of my students and only comes up during the wet season. It is also a native to the top end and shows its remarkably beautiful flowers. Acrylic on canvas, large rectangle.

    'Red Collared Lorikeet' shows the lorikeets which are everywhere when the trees are in flower. This one is feeding a flowering umbrella tree. Acrylic on 1.8 x 1.3m canvas.

    'Double Barred Finches', these little cuties were on my lawn at the back after it was mowed. Acrylic on small canvas.

    'Chinese Platter': I used to have this bamboo growing in my front garden and it grows wild. The name of the bamboo is pronounced Mao Tien in Chinese, the characters mean sky, heaven and celestial .Acrylic on small square craft wood platter.

  3. comment_3_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Novembre 12, 2009, at 3:20 pm.

    Lee Clements is an artist and teacher who conducts classes from home, at conferences and other venues. She keeps Chroma up to date with what she is doing and sent these images in.

    Lee created Pink Hibiscus and Dahlia in Yellow shown below, as demonstration pieces for classes she holds.

    In Pink Hibiscus was Atelier Interactives were used with Archival Oils over the top.
    Dahlia in Yellow was created in coloured pencil with AM washes.

    She is also working on a few pieces for the Melbourne International Flower Show at the moment.

    The place mats were painted over the last 6 months as special orders for friends wishing to purchase their Christmas presents for family and friends. There is one family for whom she has painted a set of place mats for every family unit. These are called Zhostovo place mats and has more on order.

    Lee is also doing a triptych of canvases for her home using Atelier Interactive paints, modelling compound, stencils and sand. She enjoys trying out different multimedia ideas which are great fun.

  4. comment_4_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Novembre 16, 2009, at 12:01 pm.

    See below for work by Francis Fussell.

  5. comment_5_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Novembre 16, 2009, at 1:24 pm.

    Yvonne Fitzell

    Yvonne Fitzell sent in this contribution to Chroma:

    I teach four classes a week. This year I have taught a workshop using Jo Sonja's acrylics to create simple water colour projects at a Folk and Decorative Painters of SA General Meeting.This was inspired by Keith Norris when he came to South Australia a few years ago and I was sad to hear of his passing.

    I also taught a workshop as part of the Decorative Painters Awards event to create the Leaves with faux copper project shown below.

    Some photos and explanations of this and more recent projects that I have taught are listed below.

    Leaves with faux copper on canvas: This was inspired by metal decorative items.I used a deep sided canvas and added lots of Texture Paste in a cross hatched and stippled application. When dry I cut out leaf shapes with a craft knife.The base paint was brushed on firstly and then a layer of colour sponged on to simulate tarnished copper added. An easy project that looks great with the wall colour showing through the cut outs.

    Fabric Roses : Firstly created on a calico bag. These pieces can be made into cushions by removing the handles.Working on fabric allows wet on wet blending which has been used throughout.This was followed with floating colour and liner work applied to the dry paint. I have hand quilted the squares in the background, with wadding being added to the inside of the bag.

    Hollyhocks platter : Painted on a wooden platter, I left the wood as the background. Everything is blocked in, with white being applied first under the flowers, before applying the colour to help keep them bright. Then shading and highlighting is done with floating, drybrushing and a fair amount of liner work

    William Morris inspired quilt : I used Textile Medium. Work in progress view,

    Tic Tac Toe board: Painted on an MDF square I first basecoated in Rich Gold. Next I applied Decor Crackle, and sponged the top layer of paint on. Everything is blocked in, then shading and highlighting is done with floating, drybrushing and some liner work. A nice piece to leave on the coffee table.

    Plaster masks in blue and green:

    Painted mask mounted on canvas :Texture paste has been lightly cross hatched on and dried, before base coating. Part of the design has been cut out using a craft knife and the pieces used to decorate at the back of the mask. Some of the design has had a mix of sand and Clear Glaze Medium applied, to create raised sections. I then painted on the design and added glitter using Clear Glaze Medium as the glue.

    Yvonne Fitzell
    Hallet Cove, South Australia

  6. comment_6_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Novembre 16, 2009, at 2:45 pm.

    Aileen Shaw is a teacher and artist. She has regular classes at her studio and also conducts workshops in different venues . These are some of the images of her work she sent in .

  7. comment_7_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Novembre 16, 2009, at 3:11 pm.

    Aileen Shaw mentioned that her students have a lot of fun learning about different Atelier mediums and creating decorative art pieces. These are some examples of her students' work.

  8. comment_8_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Novembre 16, 2009, at 3:17 pm.

    This was sent in via email by Barbara Franzreb

    Ellen Stamilio was a beautiful painter and person. She had designed spring, summer, and fall scenes on pantry baskets. The last time I saw her, I asked when she would have a winter/Christmas design out. She said she had some preliminary sketches, but had not done anything with them yet. Unfortunately before she had a chance to paint it, she passed away in 2006.

    As a tribute to Ellen, I painted In Memory of Ellen, which was published in PaintWorks magazine in 2008. I tried to use her style and techniques in the piece and hope she is happy with it. I know she is in heaven, surrounded by the angels she loved to paint, still painting…..

  9. comment_9_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Novembre 16, 2009, at 4:47 pm.

    We received these images recently from one of our Australian teachers, Helen Kuster , who creates in many different styles

    As a decorative artist I don't look at trends that much, I am inspired by historical design. Having said that though there have been several occasions when I have painted a 15th century style that others have thought was contemporary, it just goes to show everything comes around again.

    When creating a teaching workshop I will sometimes decide on a technique I want to teach and then work on a suitable design or choose the wood piece and then the appropriate style for that piece. Following a trend limits my options even more.

    The Panel Box and Clock are both teaching projects that have been inspired by the work produced by the Morris Company. When looking at this style I will often study the original watercolour sketches rather than the finished product as these are closely related to the techniques decorative artists use. The workshops were created to teach stroke work.

    The following projects were workshops created to work with texture for different effects. The Deruta Rider is based on a 15th century Italian ceramic style with the background a white gesso texture. The 2 Viking projects are painted with a sponged texture paste surround that is dry brushed with a metallic colour, with the tube texture paste used around the sides of the Viking box to simulate studs. The Green man has a texture paste surround that has been swirled on with a hogs hair brush for a different texture and dry brushed again with different metallic colours.

    The Victorian Plate and Dragon Clock were created to teach light and shade. I have used Victorian ornament to inspire both pieces and limited the palette to 2 metallic colours.

    Many of the pieces I create for workshops end up in my home. I find the many different styles blend together adding a richness to the decor, something I think would be lacking if I was to follow the interior decorating trends of today.

    Helen Kuster

  10. comment_10_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Novembre 16, 2009, at 5:00 pm.

    From: Barbara Andrews
    (Barbara R. Andrews Teaches Tole)
    Southaven, MS / USA

    I teach using JoSonja paints. I fell in love with the color of Lynne Deptula's "Fall Color Strokework" design. Her original piece was a bowl using bottle paints. I asked permission to change the surface to a plate and create the same colors using JoSonja Paints. Lynne gave her permission and Turn of the Century Woods created this plate especially for the design. I taught the design for Middle Tennessee Decorative Artists' Retreat, Nashville, TN. My students enjoyed the project.

    I also teach classes in color mixing with JoSonja Paints. I travel quite a bit and don't always have room to take a lot of paint with me. I have what I call my travel paints, a set of 6 colors; Napthol Crimson, Turner's Yellow, Sapphire, Cad. Orange, Brilliant Green, and Dioxozine Purple and in addition Carbon Black, Titanium White, Brown Earth and Smoked Pearl, my favorite background colour. With these paints, I can mix and paint anything I want to. I have painted several different surfaces during my travels and really enjoy using and teaching with JoSonja Paints. The images are: Bookmarks1, Fall colour stroke work plate, Small blue green plate and Tulip Fantasy Dark.

  11. comment_11_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Novembre 23, 2009, at 12:23 pm.

    Effie Carayannis sent us some images of more recent projects.She included the following information about each piece.

    Both of the works below were designed by me for magazine commissions.

    Chicks and Eggs is a decorative saw blade, as a project instruction article for Australian Decorative Painting magazine. It is painted on MDF with Jo Sonja's paints, 800 x 75mm, as a decorative wall or shelf work. Sometimes people even mount them over the lintel of doorways.

    I also used Jo Sonja's with Mini watering cans which are made from galvanised iron. The was a project for Handmade magazine.

    Effie Carayannis:

  12. comment_12_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Novembre 23, 2009, at 2:32 pm.

    Chris Whipper

    Notes on artworks

    Ladies with Hats (6 Pieces)
    • Craft wood
    • Background colour applied with paint trowel
    • Texture Paste applied on the edges
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours used
    • Varnished using Jo Sonja’s Satin Polyurethane Varnish

    Round Plates (4 Pieces)
    • Inspiration – the original artist of these girls is Alphonse Mucha
    • Craft wood plates
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours used
    • Varnished using Jo Sonja’s Satin Polyurethane Varnish

    Mucha Vase - Ceramic
    • All Purpose Sealer applied first
    • Jo Sonja’s Background Colour used
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours used
    • Jo Sonja’s Clear Glaze Medium used before varnishing
    • Varnished 2 to 3 days after the Clear Glaze. Use Jo Sonja’s Polyurethane Varnish Satin or Gloss. I have used Satin.

    • Two coats of Gesso applied to canvas
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours and Polyurethane Matte Varnish

    Dutch Floral - Canvas
    • 2 to 3 coats of Gesso
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours and Absolute Matte paint
    • Jo Sonja’s Clear Glaze Medium used
    • Jo Sonja’s Polyurethane Matt Varnish

    Russian Woman - Canvas
    • Gesso
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours and Absolute Matte paint
    • Varnished with Jo Sonja’s Matte Polyurethane

    King, Queen, Jack, Ace of Hearts
    • Texture Paste applied with trowel
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours background paints
    • Craft wood blocks
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours and Polyurethane Varnish used.

    Pomona, Orchard, Lion, Peacock, Rabbit, Fox – Canvases
    • 2 to 3 coats of Gesso.
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours and Polyurethane Varnish used
    • Inspiration – all the paints are William Morris designs, my favourite designer. He had a way of using nature in all of his work.

  13. comment_13_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Novembre 23, 2009, at 3:09 pm.

    These bright contemporary works were sent in by Frances Fussell .

    The scale iof these paintings is evident from the gallery shots. Frances' husband ,Chris Fussell, is also an artist and their practice is located in Polkobin the Hunter Vallery of NSW. Both artists have work diplayed in our gallery pages.

    To view more work by Frances and Chris Fussell click the following links:

  14. comment_14_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 21, 2009, at 12:23 pm.

    Judith Kittel made the work below. She sent this commentry in with her images.

    Here are some more examples where I used Jo Sonja paints & mediums for arty crafty work
    Anyone can do this, even non painters, I call it, “HAVING FUN WITH PAINT”
    It entails doing some simple but effective techniques which can be used throughout your painting. These techniques, once learned can inspire you to experiment using them on other surfaces, such as wood, fabric, canvas and other media.
    You get to experiment with colour as you’ve never done before
    Use paints & mediums in a different way & find other uses for them
    Experiment with techniques – it’s fun
    Make your own unique art papers that can be put to great creative use

    The photographs are just a few examples of what I have done while experimenting over time, see what can be acheived with a few simple techniques

    Workshops can be arranged & classes are available, I can be contacted at

    (or will still get through)

    or have a look at other examples of my Decorative Painting (folk/tole art) and some fine art as well

  15. comment_15_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 21, 2009, at 12:39 pm.

    I used a variety of Jo Sonia Paints & Mediums to make great Art Paper which can be used for many purposes. Card making, scrapbooking, gift making, gift wrap, covering books. The techniques can also be used directly onto surfaces, such as canvas, masonite, mdf, watercolour paper, cardboard etc

  16. comment_16_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 21, 2009, at 12:43 pm.

    These images were sent in via email by Nanette Hilton

  17. comment_17_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 21, 2009, at 12:47 pm.

    Denise Townsend has sent in the following pictures and information about her prizewinning piece from the Folk & Decorative Artists' Assn of Australia's Awards of Excellence.

    This piece has been painted in the form of Rosemaling (rose painting) which is name given to Norwegian rustic painting of the 18th & 19th Centuries. Roses and acanthus dominate designs.

    There are several different and distinct styles of Rosemaling,with Telemark, Hallingdal, Rogaland, Os, Valdres being the more popular styles.

    This piece in painted in the Telemark style which was influenced by the Rococo style, flowing and asymmetrical with intricate shading and linework. All Rosemaling is strokework painting at its finest. The artist must master the ‘C’ and ‘S’ strokes that comprise the scrolls.

    The wooden (pine) piece is designed in the form of a tine (tina) – a Norwegian lunch box, which has been painted with Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours.

    Denise Townsend

  18. comment_18_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 21, 2009, at 12:53 pm.

    Wendy Ness sent us a variety of pictures of her very creative work including some exciting items she has made using recycled op shop finds.

    I love texture and textiles. Over the years I have accumulated a fair stash of old and new laces, doilies and braids, but whilst they are lovely, they are not "fashionable" anymore. They do however make a wonderful textural pattern base when collaged onto other fabrics. I've used the Atelier Impasto Gel to 'glue' the laces to my chosen surface and because it does not bond immediately, it allows me time to adjust the composition. When dry, the entire piece remains very flexible. I have been using my lace collaged book covers for 4 years now and they show no signs of cracking, peeling or lifting. After collaging, I then use as many as 6 layers of paint or as few as 3 depending on the final effect I'm looking for. I've used my Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours which dry fast, have strong colour and give great coverage.

    I made the travel doll for my friend in America. The design depicts myself as the land at the base, dreaming about flying to these destinations. The figurine is made of cloth, stuffed, gessoed and then painted using my Jo Sonja's paints which I applied with layers of dry brushing working from dark to light values. The face and hands were made from Sculpey Polymer Clay and sewn to the body before painting.

    Wendy Ness

  19. comment_19_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 21, 2009, at 1:07 pm.

    A little while back Wendy Ness also sent in some pictures from the Victorian Society's Whimsical Whiskers retreat where she held classes in mid July.

    First I want to thank Chroma for the product that was sent and used in the classes. Once again there was a lot of interest in using the Impasto Gel as a collage glue (even the girls in the neighbouring classes were intrigued to see it used). I've attached some photos.

    The bags looked amazing. All completely different in colour, shape, texture and design. All the girls were just wonderful on the weekend.

    Workshop Title : Creative Purses
    Art Society/ Organisation : The Society of Folk & Decorative Artist's of Victoria
    Location : The Grange, Warburton, Victoria

  20. comment_20_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 21, 2009, at 1:17 pm.

    Judi Beggs from Queensland has sent in a picture of an apron she has painted using Atelier Interactive.

    I love the colours on the cassowary as they are such a vibrant creature. I used Jo Sonja's Textile Medium with the Atelier Interactive. I also put a coat of Textile Medium onto the fabric first where the design went and then used it in the paint. The Interactives seem to colour much better and I didn't need as many coats. They were a pleasure to work with.

    Judi Beggs

  21. comment_21_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 21, 2009, at 1:30 pm.

    Here are some images sent in by Margery Allingham from the USA.

    I have been using Jo Sonja's paints for approximately 20 years and also require my students to have them. Before I heard of Jo Sonja's paints I tried many others which were unsatisfactory.

    Marjory Allingham

  22. comment_22_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 21, 2009, at 2:24 pm.

    from Judith Kittel

    This piece of DECORATIVE artwork would be great for a children's room. It is a design of Carol Sharpe, an artist from Ashmore, you will find her under S on the Chroma teacher's list. I started it years ago at a painting convention in the Grampians when I more bound by painting "neatly." He was put aside with much still to do for many years until now after deciding I wanted to finish painting him .

    I decided to tackle him in a casual, loose style of painting which incorporated both decorative & fine art techniques. None of the techniques are difficult & can be done by a beginner who has learned to handle a brush confidently.

    He is painted in JO SONJA acrylic paints & mediums & I worked in both wet on wet & wet on dry. I decided to change some of the original colours & to create some more lost edges but the design is still essentially Carols, who designs & paints beautifully as well as teaches.

    The plain pine frame is stained. I made a mix of Pthalo Blue & Pthalo Green & Titanium White, added Clear Glaze Medium & used it as one does a stain or liming when dry, I dry brushed a straight mix of the 3 colours onto the stained frame.

    If you live in Queensland & would like to paint with Carol, find her under S on the Chroma teacher's pages.

    To view my artwork go to
    or for more information email me at
    or will also get me

  23. comment_23_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 21, 2009, at 2:30 pm.

    This was sent in via email by Barbara Franzreb

    Ellen Stamilio was a beautiful painter and person. She had designed spring, summer, and fall scenes on pantry baskets. The last time I saw her, I asked when she would have a winter/Christmas design out. She said she had some preliminary sketches, but had not done anything with them yet. Unfortunately before she had a chance to paint it, she passed away in 2006.

    As a tribute to Ellen, I painted In Memory of Ellen, which was published in PaintWorks magazine in 2008. I tried to use her style and techniques in the piece and hope she is happy with it. I know she is in heaven, surrounded by the angels she loved to paint, still painting…..

  24. comment_24_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 23, 2009, at 11:44 am.

    Nola Jones is an artist and teacher, who has been teaching regularly from her home studio for the last 7 years. She has much teaching experience, with a background as a qualified Secondary school teacher. She has sent us some commentary and images of her work.

    "I enjoy the challenge of many varied styles and subjects, usually they are figurative or decorative and I will paint on almost any surface, using mostly Jo Sonja’s paints. In the last few years I have also been making art in a fine art tradition painting landscapes in Archival oils. As someone with an enquiring mind, I am always looking for new ideas and am comfortable straddling both decorative and fine art genres.

    A few explanations for the images below;

    Gumdale Cottage - Jo Sonja’s acrylic paints,

    Australian Wildflowers painted on the back of a clipboard JS paints,

    Blue wren - applique on painted background with salt, JS acrylics,

    Autumn Promise - JS acrylics,

    The lake - Archival Oils,

    Kingfishers - JS acrylics,

    The pathway - Archival Olis,

    Supermarket bags - fabric & JS acrylics and textile medium,

    Diaries -Vinyl & JS Acrylics,

    Wismut box - MDF and JS acrylics,

    Pansies - painted on silk with textile medium and JS acrylics, ribbon and machine embroidery,

    Silver Princess weeping gum - JS acrylics, water colour technique.

    Nola Jones
    Moyhu, VICTORIA

  25. comment_25_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Avril 12, 2010, at 4:19 pm.

    This image comes from the Victorian True Blue Guild. They had a large display at the Melbourne Garden Show. Their display looked really wonderful and it’s great to see a decorative art guild involved with this large show. See more images from the show on their website here

  26. comment_26_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Avril 14, 2010, at 3:26 pm.

    Chris Whipper has been very busy throughout 2009, doing 45 workshops. She sent us these interesting photos of some of her recent projects.

  27. comment_27_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Mai 17, 2010, at 3:29 pm.

    Donna Mearns who teaches in the Northern Territory sent us some recent images of her work. Red Headed Honeyeater and Sponge Night were projects for her night time classes. She introduces people to their first evening of painting showing them how to paint with a sponge and achieve a whole work in one session. These paintings have all been done in Jo Sonja acrylics.

  28. comment_28_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Juin 17, 2010, at 1:29 pm.

    Christine Roy started as a decorative artist and as you can see from the images below now paints a variety of themes in fine art and decorative mediums giving her paintings and her work has wide appeal. Chris is part of our TAPP program and may be contacted through the listings below.

    She teaches a number of classes and publishes her designs in art and decorating magazine. She sent these images of her projects with explanations of many.
    Enjoy. We welcome feedback about what inspires you or questions you may have for Chris.

    no.143 :Froggie Splash: This piece was designed for a beginners Workshop for the Friends Through Folk Art Guild Convention a few years ago. I teach this in classes. AM was new at the time having brilliant colours. There islots of wet on wet, a fun piece, designed Chroma AM acrylic gouache on 300gsm watercolour paper

    no.160: Lorikeet : Of all the birds I have done he is my least favorite, but the colour is good. This one of a series of 9 Aussie birds called “Close up”. Available in 30cm x30 has a Gesso and Texture Paste Faux plaster finish out of Jo Sonja’s Acrylics.

    no. 170: Paint your Dog, Pattern Packet, or Workshops, came about because I painted a commission.The workshop which I developed after this included instruction how to copy your own dog from a photocopy with enlargements and painting. We painted not only the maltese’s but dash hounds, Rex dogs, collies, staffies, and little yappers, great fun. On 30cm x 30cm Block Canvas, Jo Sonja’s Gesso basecoat, a large Rake brush is used for the fur.

    no.183 Paisely: This piece was designed for a workshop at the Fine and Decorative Arts Australia Convention 2010. It is painted on a pinewood stained box, techniques include floating, shading, stroke work and traditional design. In Jo Sonja acrylics, all tones of gold and some iridescent colours.

    no.171 Still LIfe: This design come about from a design class I taught. We set up a display by tumbling the veggies out of the box and used a spotlight to emphasise the shadows. I used a faux finish base with Texture Paste and Black Gesso, Basecoated the veggies with Jo Sonja Acrylics and painted the detail with Archival Oils over the top. This is easier for a one day workshop, it enables the oil painting to be finished in on day. Oil and Acrylic’s On board.

    no.179: The Heron Girl was painted for the Mountains and River’s Convention 2010, Workshop.For this
    Oriental theme, I researched books on Japanese Art and found this beautiful image. I enlarged the printing and rearranged things a little. The frame has white pickling stain and the background of the girl has a Linen Faux finish; I mixed a base coat of tone of a grey mauve, then painted the stain over it and press stripped canvas fabric over the base colour before it dried, leaving a textured weave. The rest of the design was painted with lots of liner work and a Smudge Tint Round Brush for the cheek. Jo Sonja Acrylics, on board.

    Wedding Posie: This the painting of roses, painted in Archival oils

    no.180: John Foo’s Shoes is another design for the FDAA Convention 2010. I found these shoes in a second hand shop, thought they would be fun to draw and have used them in classes. Pen and Wash on 300 GSM watercolour paper, with washes of Jo Sonja’s acrylics.

    Christine Roy
    East Corrimal, NSW, Australia

  29. comment_29_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Juin 21, 2010, at 2:24 pm.

    One of our TAPP teachers, Merrell Davis sent through these images from the Jo Sonja stall she conducted at this year's Canberra Show. All these creations have been produced with Jo Sonja's acrylic paint.

    The first painting done a Dutch Masters style is by Jennifer Roset who won the Grand Champion sponsored by Chroma.

    The Australian Alpine scene is on original by Jack Featherstone, winner of the Chroma Reserve Grand Champion award.

    Doreen Morgan won Chroma's Memories Challenge with her painting of a beach scene is outside Bowen, Queensland and also Chroma's Christmas Challenge with her work Santa's Sleigh.

  30. comment_30_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Octobre 6, 2010, at 4:04 pm.

    Donna Mearns, out TAPP teacher in the Northern Territory sent these images of her latest Paintings and class teaching projects.Donna teaches adult classes at night at Casuarina Senior College. She reports that although the weather there is very hot her activity level is still high despite the hot weather.All these paintings were completed with Jo Sonja's acrylics.

    In class Sponge Project: This landscape was painted entirely with sponges, no brush work at all.The first one for last term to loosen the students up.

    Class Green Tree Frog Project: Jo Sonja's Acrylic paint with Crackle medium used to get bark effects on the branch and gel Retarder used to assist blending.

    Class project River Reflections: A photo of a central Australia gorge was the stimulus for the class this time. Their most favourite project so far this term. Jo Sonja's Gel retarder was again used to enable the blending.

    Class project River Reflections: A photo of a central Australia gorge was the stimulus for the class this time. Their most favourite project so far this term. Jo Sonja's Gel retarder was again used to enable the blending.

    Portrait of artist Ivor Cole: Painted as an entry for the art competition “Portrait of Senior Territorian, Donna completed this with attention to realism which is also apparent in the work of Cole. The LPs signify his interest in music as a radio presenter and dealer in 35s at markets. Punch often appears in his paintings as his alter ego.

    Strelitzias : This 1.3 x 1.8m was commissioned for the office reception area of Donna’s accountant. It’s a most impressive image of this type of Bird of Paradise flower.

  31. comment_31_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 22, 2010, at 10:41 am.

    Suzanne Leslie from the Eastwood Patchwork Quilters Group sent us these wonderful images of their last Biennial Fair held in the historic Brush Farm Homestead in Eastwood NSW. The quilt picture shows the raffle prize from the exhibition. Chroma is once again sponsoring the Exhibition competition in 2011. Further details are available on the Events page

  32. comment_32_8655

    Serena commented on Avril 3, 2012, at 4:27 pm.

    These images were sent us by friend of Chroma, Christine Roy. The product of recent demonstrations.

    The image of Orchids is called Watercolour Orchid and the large floral is Still Life November Lillies, both painted with Atelier Interactive acrylics.

    Christine is skilled with Atelier Interactive acrylics as well as oil painting and decorative art techniques. She sent us Bondi Terri’s in oil paints.

    Christine is a very active teacher and demonstrator with the Friends Through Folk Art Guild, Folk and Decorative Art Association, & the Mountains and Rivers Group in West Sydney ( Penrith),

    She will be in Victoria in April to give a workshop to the Victorian Karen Brouwers Group is in Melbourne . Chris is also teaching two groups at Koonawarra Community Centre weekly, and workshops and paint days at Kentlyn Studio at Campbelltown. Christine is a great teacher and very willing to demonstrate with Art Society groups. Please contact Chroma if you wish to get in contact with Chris Roy.

  33. comment_33_8655

    Serena commented on Avril 23, 2012, at 10:38 am.

    Congratulations Chris!

    Christene recently won 1st and 2nd prizes at the Easter show for Folk and Decorative Art.

    Such a productive, versatile and inspired artist, Christene will be demonstrating at the Art Scene in August. Make sure to pick up a brochure or contact the Art Scene in West Ryde for further information.

  34. comment_34_8655

    Jim Cobb commented on Mai 28, 2012, at 12:17 pm.

    Giovanna Scott, a decorative art teacher sent in these images from a workshop she did at the Brisbane Paper Crafts Festival.

    Giovanna wrote" Firstly, once again thank you for the generous sponsorship of the Clear Colour Collection for my Mixed Media workshop. Most of the ladies had never used Jo Sonja products and most are now die-hard converts!! The information pamphlet you provided was especially helpful in teaching the ladies about all the fabulous mediums readily available and the excellent quality of the paints we used. The ladies were very impressed with the consistency and opaqueness and how wonderfully it spread over their collaged work!"

    She said in the 2 hours,people were frantically creating using colour palettes which ranged from brights to vintage. They used unconventional materials to apply the paint because some had booked the workshop on the day however the ladies were still very happy with the end result.