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Serena da Roza

Resident Artist/Marketing Assistant

Serena is the resident artist for Chroma Australia P/L. She graduated with a BA (Art) from Curtin University, Western Australia, in 2009. She has exhibited in group exhibitions and considers herself to be work in progress who enjoy all aspects of art and teaching in her unique and enthusiastic way that is both hands on and involving.
She works with Chroma paints and is a regular visitor of art galleries throughout Australia for enjoyment and to increase her great art knowledge. Serena loves sharing this and her excellent product knowledge with students and artists at TAFEs, Art Societies and other activities.
Her work involves still life, portraiture, figuration and other aspects of the body’s interiority. To Serena, art is Pure Joy and it is to Chroma’s benefit that she can encompass work and pleasure together.

Serena da Roza
Articles by Serena da Roza