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Chroma 2 Paint Trial

Teachers from around Australia are testing Chroma 2 our new paint for schools. See what they have to say about the paint and join in the discussion if you like.

Chroma 2 is a new highly pigmented paint for primary and secondary schools. This new breed of paint does not form a hard skin when it dries which makes it easy to clean out of brushes and other equipment. The unique drying properties and creamy consistency make it perfect for silk screen, lino block and mono printing.

For more information download the colour chart and product guide below:

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  1. comment_1_6399

    raquel redmond commented on Octobre 15, 2008, at 5:13 pm.

    Hi my name is Raquel Redmond

    Ever since I did the first Festival, “Out of the Box”, for young children in 1992, I have been involved with schools around Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, working in many classrooms with teachers and primary school students.

    I was engaged by the “Out of the Box” Festival to conduct artist’s in residency programmes for schools, children’s art exhibitions and children’s art activities during the festival. At the same time, during these years many different school communities appointed me as an art specialist to help teachers implement art programmes in their schools.

    I have tried Chroma 2 with young students at my studio, We have taken part in many different projects involving different art techniques using this new paint with great results.

    We have used Chroma 2 for painting on different kinds of papers and on canvas. Chroma 2 has been used to do printmaking, card printing and lino printing with amazing results as well as producing fabulous screen prints. Chroma 2 is wonderful applied to surfaces like clay, plaster, cardboard and cotton fabrics and we have even thinned it down to a watercolour consistency.

    With such versatility you won’t need a different paint set for each art technique in the future – one set of Chroma 2 will do everything!

    Chroma 2 has great consistency, good colour pigmentation and adheres very well to all the surfaces mentioned. Chroma 2 is also easy to clean from paint brushes, screens, lino blocks, clothes or any other surface.

    And the good news is that I’m currently writing Art Tutorials for Primary teachers, Early Childhood teaches and parents. The tutorials incorporate great ideas on concepts, motivation and implementation of art projects based on the four disciplines of Fine Art, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture. They are easy to follow step by step with lots of visual references and will be part of Chroma Australia’s education section on their website.

    Kind regards

  2. comment_2_6399

    raquel redmond commented on Novembre 12, 2008, at 3:48 pm.

    Hello everybody,

    we had been busy this term working on 3 D projects. We have made sculptures with recycled materials and plaster and we have also made clay sculptures. We used Chroma2 paint in both projects to paint the sculptures. On the clay we even used a very glossy varnish to finish them and didn’t have any problems with the paint reacting to the varnish.

    Chroma2 worked perfectly well on both surfaces with bright colours, good coverage and a velvety finish. It was easy for the students to wipe it off if they wanted to change colours and it dried relatively quick. To wash paint brushes and equipment was a dream, so easy!

  3. comment_3_6399

    raquel redmond commented on Novembre 12, 2008, at 4:44 pm.

    Here are two self portraits some of my students recently completed using Chroma 2.

  4. comment_4_6399

    raquel redmond commented on Novembre 25, 2008, at 1:57 pm.

    We have been printing lino cuts using Chroma2 paint. Students aged between 12 and 16 years of age did very expressive lino cuts. We used Chroma2 to paint the background and then to print the lino blocks in black.

  5. comment_5_6399

    Jim Cobb commented on Décembre 1, 2008, at 1:15 pm.

    We recently conducted a survey via email with our Chroma 2 Trial teachers. The survey and results are displayed in the images below. A big thanks to those of you who took the time to complete the survey.


  6. comment_6_6399

    Jim Cobb commented on Janvier 20, 2009, at 11:28 am.

    This comment came in from Joan Web via email


    I have used Chroma 2 acrylic student paint in my art studio and have found it to be an amazing Acrylic paint.

    Chroma 2 has a very thick consistency with a smooth textural sheen. Because of its thick consistency the paint lifts well onto the brush to allow the children to mauver the paint on the canvas or paper with ease to create a fabulous artwork.

    Chroma 2 has a great colour mixing ability to allow the children to create every colour on the colour wheel with ease.

    This paint bonds well to any surface to create many different artworks such as Mixed media, any canvas work, stamping, Lino printing, screen printing too many to list.

    Chroma 2 student’s paint can be mixed with water to make a wash for watercolours. Its thick consistency makes it an ideal paint for classrooms as there are fewer spills.

    Clean up is very easy as it washes out of brushes and cloths with ease, but it is always recommended to use an apron when performing artworks with children.

    Chroma 2 blends well with all paint mediums and it allows the children to mix in other bodies such as sand, paper, rice and glitter, a great advantage for an acrylic paint as children love to embellish their artworks.

    Chroma 2 student acrylic paint dries quickly and allows children to add to their artwork or take it home the same day – Teachers can also hang the artworks on walls within hours of the lesson.

    When paint dries quickly it often cracks, the advantage of Chroma 2 is that it is flexible.

    This paint can be used for painting over paper Mache` projects and the coverage is very good.

    I have been an early childhood teacher – Art –craft teacher for 26yrs and I highly recommend Chroma 2 for classroom use and as an art craft Acrylic paint for home hobbyists.

    Best Regards
    Joan Webb

    Educational Art Adviser
    Art craft Teacher
    Teachers Lesson plan Writer

  7. comment_7_6399

    Jim Cobb commented on Janvier 29, 2009, at 11:20 am.

    These images are from Joan Webbs preschool - kinder class.

  8. comment_8_6399

    grover299 commented on Janvier 29, 2009, at 4:45 pm.

    the art work that is posted on chroma 2 webseite are amazing. the colors are flawless on the page and blend so well in alot of the paintigs. the paint is smooth on the paper and it looks really nice at the end of the painting

  9. comment_9_6399

    painter commented on Janvier 15, 2010, at 2:13 am.

    I too have ordered Chroma 2 from asw express to use for 10 and 11 year old children and am totally blown away withthe quality . I got my order yesterday and had to do a sample painting to loosen up before next week .
    I will be teaching and demonstrating as a visiting Artist in 3 area schools
    and needed something they won't be frustrated with . I will have 150 students per school. Wish me luck . Keep up the good work. Marlene