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Absolute Matte Converter Trial

Absolute Matte is a super matte acrylic gouache which has achieved a dedicated, though limited, following in Australia because of its uniquely vivid matte colours. The paint has higher saturation levels than traditional gum based gouache or other brands of “acrylic gouache” and matte acrylic paints. It is used by artists who appreciate its ultra matte finish and who are particularly aware of surface qualities. Ideal for large paintings on canvas or board and outdoor sketching on water colour paper.

Absolute Matte is being phased out because its existence as a separate brand can no longer be justified. However Chroma is currently running trials on a new Absolute Matte Converter which completely duplicates the unique visual appeal of the original Absolute Matte when mixed 50:50 with Atelier Interactive. For more information on the new “Converter” mediums click here. Note: these products are in the trial stage of development and are not yet available for purchase.

For those painters interested in landscape, especially the desert, Central Australia holds a fascination for artists and the Australian public. It is typified by extraordinary colouring and rock formations which are exposed to view. The vegetation is immensely varied and sometimes strange looking. From travel, movie and other media images one can surmise that similar conditions prevailing in American arid lands produce equally interesting forms, the Saguaro cactus and Joshua trees being a couple of examples.

To see what can be done with this paint, view the series of sketches done recently by Bela Ivanyi en plein air in Central Australia. Of course the computer screen cannot accurately represent the surface finish of a painting, but it can show vividness of colour.

Sketches done on location in a real landscape are always more varied and imaginative than those done in a studio. En plein air painting requires a special skill in selecting and composing the essence of an image from the confusing and disorganized environment reference before the painter. These sketches demonstrate Ivanyi's mastery over paraphrasing and editing the real scene which gives emphasis and direction to the works. Like everything which is done well, it looks easy and even casual. We hope these works encourage you to paint your own local landscapes, but remember the joy of discovery is laced with challenge.

If you like using Absolute Matte and would be interested in participating in the Absolute Matte Converter Trial email

These paintings are part of an internet exhibition on Bela Ivanyi's website. Click here to view more or contact Mr Ivanyi at 02 4353 3090 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 02 4353 3090 end_of_the_skype_highlighting if you are interested in buying the sketches. Bela Ivanyi is represented by Kenthurst Gallery - click to visit their website. All the sizes are similar, approximately 58cm x 33cm, on 640gsm Canson water colour paper, painted in Absolute Matte and traditional gum based gouaches.

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  1. comment_1_10367

    Penny commented on Février 23, 2012, at 8:49 am.

    Hi Jim,

    Please tell me your Absolute Matte Converter will be released in Australia this year - I have been keen to use this product since this story was published in 2010 :)

    Kind regards, Penny