Angus Nivison

When Angus Nivison talks about his work, words like sky, earth, water and spiritual are often used. When he stood in the chasm underneath Frank Lloyd Wrights famous house ‘Falling Water’, he was at home. This painting ‘Fallen’ fits so well within Nivison’s repertoire, yet once we find it’s beginning it springs to new life.

Angus Nivison is an artist who is painting with energy, verve and confidence. ‘Above and Below’, Nivison’s current exhibition includes small works on paper, such as the black and white series, ‘Landscape for lovers’ whose sense of space and elegant mountain forms elude to the Chinese landscape paintings but also contain a new figurative presence.

Other major works like ‘Hope’ and ‘Big Seas, A Memory’ are monumental works that envelope the viewer. While ‘Above and Below’, the signature piece for the show is a two panel work on paper, where Nivison’s wonderful line captures elemental forces.

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Represented by Utopia Art Sydney.
 2 Danks Street, Waterloo .
 02 9699 2900