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News From the Decorative Arts' World

Decorative and Folk Artists recently experienced 6 days of learning and fun at the Creative Painting Convention in Las Vegas, NV, USA.  Over 150 events and classes were offered to over 775 attendees.  Jo Sonja Jansen, the inspiration behind Chroma’s Jo Sonja Artists’ Colours, taught a wonderful seminar, The Time Keeper’s Garden. This clock featured florals and the bluebird of happiness in bright and sunny colors and was the perfect harbinger of spring and summer!

Easter Projects

Have fun with these great projects for you to enjoy over Easter. So pick up your paintbrush, take inspiration from these ideas and set your creativity free.

Put Some Colour In Your Life TV Show Sponsored by Chroma

Chroma is a proud sponsor of this fantastic new television show that promotes arts and education across Australia

The TV series Put Some Colour In Your Life brings Art, Education and the Environment into Australian living rooms, promoting Artists via television and the web.

The series goes to air Sunday the 18th of March at 7.00pm, on the channel 4ME.

Magic of Mediums: Image Transfers

In recent workshops, I’ve led artists in a series of exercises exploring acrylic mediums in traditional, as well as non-traditional, ways. In the simplest terms, mediums generally are added to paint, added to the surface or applied on top of paint. Mediums enhance or alter the properties of acrylic paint, and there are many exciting ways to use them!

Chroma Art Award

Earlier this year Chroma ran an art competition in conjunction with The Art Scene. Competition entrants had to use Atelier Interactive, Jo Sonja’s, Archival Oils or A2 brands of Chroma paint in their works. The competition ran throughout the year and closed on 30th November 2009.

Creative Canvas "Sisters" by Vicki Nicholson

Vicki Nicholson sent us in this innovative "altered art" project and we liked it so much that we created a magazine ad based around it. Vicki also agreed to share the entire step by step project with the Paint Talk community. I hope that this piece inspires you all to get creative with Jo Sonja’s paints and mediums and if you follow the steps below and complete your own “creative canvas” why not add a comment with a photo of your work.

Paint Talk Gallery 2009

The Paint Talk Gallery topic has been extremely popular and I would like to thank everyone who has shared their work with us. The topic has grown so large that I have decide to start a fresh one for 2009, if you have not had a look a last years you can find it by clicking on the following link Paint Talk Gallery 2008

The old gallery topic is closed for comments, please add your new images and comments to the 2009 Paint Talk Gallery.

Using Photographs As Templates

One of my favorite parts about my job as Resident Artist is helping people create their vision, and getting them excited about new techniques! During my workshops at art societies and trade shows, I bring my own work and create a small representational painting, because that’s what I like to paint. But sometimes, people come up to me afterwards and shyly confess, “This is all very nice, your work is good, your products are wonderful, but I can’t draw. How can I paint?”

New Directions in Decorative Art - Mixed Media

Artists long to expand their horizons, and explore new directions!

From your comments, we have learned that many of you believe that there is a move from painting on objects to canvas, and even fabric.

Your comments also indicate a trend towards mixed media collage or altered art.

The Future of Decorative Art

I sent the following email to the Chroma teacher and working artists and I received a number of interesting responses so I have decided to put then on Paint Talk for you all to see.

I have known for quite some time that all of you have been having a tough time of it trying to adjust to a changing market where Folk Art is losing popular appeal. It’s always easy to deal with an expanding market, which is enthusiastic and leads itself forward, but it is much more difficult to deal with a contracting market, where enthusiasm is no longer automatic.