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The Joy of Painting (Children's Edition)

Happy, tiny cherubs. Lovely, precious, little darlings. Squirming, crying, drooling, non-stop bouncing, running, laughing bundles of energy. All of these descriptions are applicable to children, especially to those between the ages of 10 months and 4 years, and it seems, especially to my children. But it doesn’t mean I can’t paint them...

New Orleans Painters Lory Lockwood and Adrian Deckbar

When you think of New Orleans, often images of Mardi Gras or even Hurricane Katrina come to mind.  However, New Orleans based artists Lory Lockwood and Adrian Deckbar are inspired by other images – engines and motorcycles and primeval nature.  Although their subject matter differs, they share an obsession for detail and realism, as well as a love of Atelier Interactive Artists' Acrylics.

Put Some Colour In Your Life TV Show Sponsored by Chroma

Chroma is a proud sponsor of this fantastic new television show that promotes arts and education across Australia

The TV series Put Some Colour In Your Life brings Art, Education and the Environment into Australian living rooms, promoting Artists via television and the web.

The series goes to air Sunday the 18th of March at 7.00pm, on the channel 4ME.

New Atelier Mediums - Electric Sheep

For a long time, I have painted sheep and other farm animals. I don’t know why, but I find them very haunting - I think it’s something about their eyes and their presence. Recently I was asked to paint a portrait of a sheep, so I decided to use some of the new traditional Atelier Mediums to create the attached painting. I decided to use the traditional mediums because I was painting with Atelier Interactive Professional Artists’ Acrylics, and I wanted to work quickly , in order to build up my layers fast. I wanted this portrait to be more textural and have a physicality, and I knew that I wouldn’t really be exploring soft, subtle, extended wet-in-wet blending in this painting. The new mediums worked brilliantly and helped me achieve exactly what I wanted.

Caribbean adventure with British artist - Marylin Allis

Join PA Marilyn Allis as she uses Interactive Acrylics to interpret a wet day in a Dominican market

The Caribbean Island of Dominica was full of colour, even in the warm rain that poured down on us for half an hour. This market scene was so appealing to paint; I loved the colours and the body language of the two ladies at their stall. I decided to use acrylics to paint this scene which captured the vibrancy and colour of the morning

Young Artist making a stir in the UK

Do you love to paint but struggle to find a really catchy idea or subject? Being drawn to what you love and really finding out about it through research and observation and challenging stereotypes eliminates this issue. Fraser Scarfe is a young man who has put this philosophy into practice. He was inspired by the landscape around him whilst growing up in Lincolnshire and wanted to challenge its common image of being ‘flat and uninspiring’. The way that Fraser works is typical of many successful artists who use drawing as a key element in their practice, allowing them to explore ideas efficiently.

Mono Printing with Lynn Norris

When one thinks of printing we usually think of etchings, aquatints or lithographs that require specialized equipment, hazardous chemicals and most importantly a press. However there are some techniques that can be done simply, quickly and are great fun. Artist Lynn Norris from the U.K shows how you can take the mystery out of printing and produce lovely work. This demonstration is accessible to everyone; pressing is done with the hand and uses paint rather than inks.

Magic of Mediums: Clear Painting Medium

The magic of mediums is that there is a painting medium for just about every type of application, especially with acrylics. Want to paint very texturally? Impasto Gel or Modelling Compound. Want matte paint? Matte Medium & Varnish. Need more working time? Slow or Thick Slow Medium. But sometimes you’ll find that there is one medium that you use, time and time again. For me, the workhorse in my studio is the Clear Painting Medium.

Magic of Mediums: Image Transfers

In recent workshops, I’ve led artists in a series of exercises exploring acrylic mediums in traditional, as well as non-traditional, ways. In the simplest terms, mediums generally are added to paint, added to the surface or applied on top of paint. Mediums enhance or alter the properties of acrylic paint, and there are many exciting ways to use them!

Commissions, a working methodology

Many artists are often asked by friends or through referrals to paint commissions of specific subjects. Negotiating that area between artistic expression, visual license and expectation when painting for a client with a specific idea, can be tricky. Stress commonly accompanies art making when the artist is mindful of the need to produce something pleasing to the client. Colin Christie, UK artist, recently sent us a description of his working methodology for landscape commissions which he has developed so that the painting process is stress free.