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Put Some Colour In Your Life TV Show Sponsored by Chroma

Chroma is a proud sponsor of this fantastic new television show that promotes arts and education across Australia

The TV series Put Some Colour In Your Life brings Art, Education and the Environment into Australian living rooms, promoting Artists via television and the web.

The series goes to air Sunday the 18th of March at 7.00pm, on the channel 4ME.

Going Green!

With spring just around the corner here in the USA, I thought it was a good time to address the subject of “green” in regards to colors. As a landscape painter, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of greens out there. But with careful observation, and a few general guidelines, it’s easy to get the green you need.

Don't Get Glazed By Glazing

The colors found in the Atelier Interactive Professional Artists’ Acrylics and Archival Oils paint lines are classified as opaque, semi-transparent or transparent. You may wonder just what opaque, semi-transparent or transparent mean, and why should I care? It’s important to understand what these characteristics of the color are, because how opaque or transparent a color is plays a big part in getting certain effects. And because Atelier Interactive and Archival Oils paints offer more paint in the tube than leading national acrylic or oil brands, you have more paint with which to explore new techniques.

Varnishing 101

Atelier Interactive dries without a “plastic” look, with very low sheen yet high color saturation. But it is important to protect any painting with a finishing varnish and furthermore, you can choose to alter the final sheen of your Interactive painting.   Chroma offers two types of varnishes – water-based and solvent based. The advantage of using water-based varnish is that it is water-based, but it is non-removable. The advantage of using a solvent-based varnish is that it is removable with mineral spirits, but there are fumes involved, which some artists chose to avoid.

Archival Oils' Lean and Fat Mediums

When you first start painting with oils, one of the “rules” you hear about is to follow “fat over lean.” What does fat over lean mean anyway?

Mixing Skin Tones

Colours for skin tones vary immensely between the home value of a person’s skin as there are areas of high light and shade and subtle changes in colour around various parts of the body. When painting skin it’s very common to find that you use a lot of different colours.
As these are perennial questions we thought we’d start off a discussion because there are many different ways to produce skin colours and one person’s recipe is different from the next.


During the year Chroma has supported the National Art School in Darlinghurst, Sydney, in various ways. As it has done for many years, Chroma joined other businesses and patrons supporting the art world, by offering a painting prize to a graduate at the end of year Degree Show.

Hanna Paine won the Chroma Paints Award with a triptych, one of her works exploring the mystery of experience from a child’s perspective.

Chroma Art Award

Earlier this year Chroma ran an art competition in conjunction with The Art Scene. Competition entrants had to use Atelier Interactive, Jo Sonja’s, Archival Oils or A2 brands of Chroma paint in their works. The competition ran throughout the year and closed on 30th November 2009.

Creative Canvas "Sisters" by Vicki Nicholson

Vicki Nicholson sent us in this innovative "altered art" project and we liked it so much that we created a magazine ad based around it. Vicki also agreed to share the entire step by step project with the Paint Talk community. I hope that this piece inspires you all to get creative with Jo Sonja’s paints and mediums and if you follow the steps below and complete your own “creative canvas” why not add a comment with a photo of your work.

Paint Talk Gallery 2009

The Paint Talk Gallery topic has been extremely popular and I would like to thank everyone who has shared their work with us. The topic has grown so large that I have decide to start a fresh one for 2009, if you have not had a look a last years you can find it by clicking on the following link Paint Talk Gallery 2008

The old gallery topic is closed for comments, please add your new images and comments to the 2009 Paint Talk Gallery.