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Great Aussie Art Competition

Chroma Australia and Corporate Express are proud to announce The Great Aussie Art Competition. This exciting new competition gives primary schools in NSW the chance to win an amazing art lesson from Art Education specialist Raquel Redmond and the runner up gets an art lesson from your truly - Serena Agius the Chroma Australia resident artist.
 For more details read the full article

Chroma's Student Art Contest Winners

Chroma, Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of our International Student Art Contest. There were over 270 submissions by students from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. They used Archival Oils, Atelier Interactive Professional Artist Acrylics and A>2 Student Acrylics to create their exceptional paintings.

Mixing Skin Tones

Colours for skin tones vary immensely between the home value of a person’s skin as there are areas of high light and shade and subtle changes in colour around various parts of the body. When painting skin it’s very common to find that you use a lot of different colours.
As these are perennial questions we thought we’d start off a discussion because there are many different ways to produce skin colours and one person’s recipe is different from the next.


During the year Chroma has supported the National Art School in Darlinghurst, Sydney, in various ways. As it has done for many years, Chroma joined other businesses and patrons supporting the art world, by offering a painting prize to a graduate at the end of year Degree Show.

Hanna Paine won the Chroma Paints Award with a triptych, one of her works exploring the mystery of experience from a child’s perspective.

Creative Canvas "Sisters" by Vicki Nicholson

Vicki Nicholson sent us in this innovative "altered art" project and we liked it so much that we created a magazine ad based around it. Vicki also agreed to share the entire step by step project with the Paint Talk community. I hope that this piece inspires you all to get creative with Jo Sonja’s paints and mediums and if you follow the steps below and complete your own “creative canvas” why not add a comment with a photo of your work.


Chromacryl has long been Australia’s favourite brand of school paint. This has been largely due to its high quality and relatively low price. However here at Chroma we are always looking at innovative ways to improve our paints. Even our well established and highly successful brands need an update from time to time so that they can continue to lead the market.

Over the past year we have been working on improving the quality of Chromacryl.

Atelier Interactive Questions Answered

Many questions have been fielded by users of Atelier Interactive either on our website, or on other forums, about the qualities of this acrylic and how to use the accompanying mediums. To help guide painters through the initial stages of using Atelier Interactive, we are opening a new topic which puts together the most commonly asked questions and their answers.
If your question is not covered below also take a look at other guides on our website, such as Q & A Atelier Interactive, click here. If you have a new question please post it below.

Chroma Supports Tenterfield Schools Arts Competition

Louise Jenkins, artist and member of Borderline Regional Arts Association Inc writes,
In April Tenterfield hosted its 13th Annual Oracles of the Bush program entertaining visitors with performers from the bush and their poetry. This year, in association with the Borderline Regional Arts Assoc Inc (Borderline), a student art competition was run assisted with a program for creation of works designed to inspire and encourage visual arts Tenterfield's schools.
Chroma Australia played a significant role in the stimulation of interest in the arts in the local area. The winners were awarded packages containing a beautiful certificate and generous vouchers enabling them to make selections from Chroma’s great product ranges, including a comprehensive introductory guide.

Chroma 2 Paint Trial

Teachers from around Australia are testing Chroma 2 our new paint for schools. See what they have to say about the paint and join in the discussion if you like.

Chroma 2 is a new highly pigmented paint for primary and secondary schools.

What's more Important, Technique or Concept?

This great question came in via the suggestion box:

Hello I am an artist studying Art Ed at the U of Arizona. Does technique matter anymore or is it more about the idea of the art?