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Painting The Contradiction: Judith Peck & David Padworny

There’s something about painting the human face. It’s what we show the world, but it’s also where we try to hide our deepest emotions. It’s this inherent contradiction, the real and the pretend, the opened and the closed simultaneously, which makes figurative painting so compelling, and a subject that artists tackle in deeply personal styles.

Australian Impressionist Colley Whisson

Australian artist Colley Whisson carries on the Impressionist tradition.  His landscapes and interiors are known for their painterly approach with loose, bold brushwork, while still being representational. His books Creating Impressionist Landscapes in Oils and Impressionist Painting Made Easy , along with articles in International Artist and Australian Artist magazines, has increased his global audience. According to Whisson, Impressionism covers such a wide range of styles that it allows him to employ passages of realism or abstraction whenever he feels it's necessary or appropriate.

The Landscape paintings of Euan Macleod

Injecting a unique vision into your artwork is a compelling reason for any artist to keep painting. The drama of landscape can be a seductive subject but how often does this revert to standard horizontal compositions of foreground, mid- ground and distance with atmospheric perspective? While this formula can itself take a while taking to master, it can all too easily leave the viewer feeling lackluster. Learning to translate and refine our vision of landscape, and also master the medium of oil painting, means taking risks, exploring the medium and thrashing out concepts to find compositions that most effectively communicate our ideas.

Colour In Your Life Painting Competitions

Chroma is sponsoring a series of painting competitions with $250.00 worth of free paint for the winners.

So far we have already had a red and a purple themed competition. The winners and their artwork are shown below.

Congratulations to the winners and we hope you enjoy using your new Chroma paints too!

When the next competition starts we will let you know all about it here on Paint Talk.

Put Some Colour In Your Life TV Show Sponsored by Chroma

Chroma is a proud sponsor of this fantastic new television show that promotes arts and education across Australia

The TV series Put Some Colour In Your Life brings Art, Education and the Environment into Australian living rooms, promoting Artists via television and the web.

The series goes to air Sunday the 18th of March at 7.00pm, on the channel 4ME.

Oiling Out for Archival Oils

Have you ever noticed how some areas of an oil painting may appear “sunk” or go dull weeks after they are finished? This is a common issue with oil painting yet much neglected technicality in modern painting knowledge. There is a process called “Oiling Out” which rectifies this and is best undertaken before varnishing a fully cured painting,

Courageous Color

It’s easy to get into a rut when choosing colors for a painting. After all, there is something to be said for using the same colors, so you know exactly what to mix in order to achieve the combination you need. But if you are finding your paintings are getting a bit stale, or you want to stretch yourself, simply changing the colors you use can be a great exercise.

Chroma Demonstrations

Have you ever found yourself searching around for the right medium or paint to give a specific effect to your work? Here at Chroma, we go out into the art community to share our manufacturer’s materials knowledge that assist artists in all stages of their creative process. At art schools, art societies and shops we give many demonstrations to help in the materials learning which may otherwise take years of experience to acquire .

Going Green!

With spring just around the corner here in the USA, I thought it was a good time to address the subject of “green” in regards to colors. As a landscape painter, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of greens out there. But with careful observation, and a few general guidelines, it’s easy to get the green you need.

Don't Get Glazed By Glazing

The colors found in the Atelier Interactive Professional Artists’ Acrylics and Archival Oils paint lines are classified as opaque, semi-transparent or transparent. You may wonder just what opaque, semi-transparent or transparent mean, and why should I care? It’s important to understand what these characteristics of the color are, because how opaque or transparent a color is plays a big part in getting certain effects. And because Atelier Interactive and Archival Oils paints offer more paint in the tube than leading national acrylic or oil brands, you have more paint with which to explore new techniques.