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Love To Look: Kellie Newsome

People love to look at other people. And in the case of Kellie Newsome, people are certainly viewing her works, and the subjects stare right back. "I paint people because I like challenging myself.  I feel like everyone can connect to portraits and, with the splash of color, they are drawn into the painting," she says. In her works of scientists, actors, musicians and other celebrities, Kellie has found a way to represent these well-known individuals in a style that bursts with color and pulses with life using Atelier Interactive Artists' Acrylics.

New! Chroma Mural Paint and Mural Paint Markers

Chroma Mural Paint and Mural Paint Markers takes your vision to the next level! With brilliant, lightfast colors inspired by nature and the street, Chroma Mural Paint and Mural Paint Markers lets you make your mark indoors and out.

Rabbits’ Holes...Or Where Paintings Can Take You

When I start a painting, I like to have a fairly good idea in my head or see what I am going to paint. I’m not one that can just start painting an empty canvas. (I envy those painters!) My starting vision is just that – a starting place – but sometimes what I imagined at the beginning is radically different from the final results.  I’ve discovered that letting go, and being open and present during the process allows me to respond to what is happening.  This sometimes takes me down an unexpected path, or in this case, down the proverbial rabbit hole.


Hopefully those of you who didn't read the last article will make some sense of this, and hopefully those of you who read the last article are still willing to read this one!
 This sounds very obvious, but it needs to be said. I set up my palette, so that my acrylic paints stay usable. It's really important that you are able to keep your paint workable; so that your paint is in good condition when you are about to use it. There are few things worse than having chunks of semi dried paint and globs popping up in your lovely smooth sky.

I've designed a great system which works really well; I'll go into this further down the article.

Mitchell Winter School- Bathurst, NSW and Cooee Bay Artist’s seminar - Yeppoon, QLD.

Around 250 artists gather for this mid winter school in the country town accessibly close to Sydney. The tutors offer their best know how and techniques using paints of every imaginable kind, which allowed me to get fairly clear cut understanding or overview of how serious amateur artists are approaching their art and this is reflected in new simplified information which I have set out covering the use of AI (see attached copy).
There is one particular demonstration that I would like to comment on which was carried out by Herman Pikel who is an extremely competent tonal painter and is able to impart his knowledge very effectively to his students.

Gloss Is Good

Chroma recently made a decision to separate the acrylic Matte, Satin and Gloss Medium/Varnishes into two separate products - now there are Matte, Satin and Gloss Mediums, and Matte, Satin and Gloss Varnishes. If you wonder why we made this decision - you are not alone!
At the most fundamental level, painting mediums exist to alter viscosity and sheen, while varnishes exist to provide protective coating that may or may not adjust the sheen of a painting. While it is acceptable to have combination products, feedback from artists helped guide us in the decision to split this line into distinct tracks.

Colour In Your Life Painting Competitions

Chroma is sponsoring a series of painting competitions with $250.00 worth of free paint for the winners.

So far we have already had a red and a purple themed competition. The winners and their artwork are shown below.

Congratulations to the winners and we hope you enjoy using your new Chroma paints too!

When the next competition starts we will let you know all about it here on Paint Talk.

Atelier Fluid Acrylics Trial

We are in the process of trialling a NEW professional quality artists' acrylic paint. Currently we are experimenting with two slightly different consistencies for the new formula; a very runny one we refer to as Atelier Fluid Low Viscosity and a slightly thicker one we call Atelier Soft Body Mid Viscosity.

These products are not available in the stores at the moment and the trial is still limited to just a handful of invited artists. If you would like to try some of these new paints just sign up to Chroma Link because as soon as trial kits and samples become available we will be sending out an email to let everyone know.

For more details see the product descriptions and artists' comments in the full article


I thought that Chroma link members might like a taste of some of Judith White’s the work which is currently showing at the Maitland Regional Gallery in NSW, Australia until April 29th 2012.

The show by Judith White is called- Riverstories: Postcards from the Edge

Put Some Colour In Your Life TV Show Sponsored by Chroma

Chroma is a proud sponsor of this fantastic new television show that promotes arts and education across Australia

The TV series Put Some Colour In Your Life brings Art, Education and the Environment into Australian living rooms, promoting Artists via television and the web.

The series goes to air Sunday the 18th of March at 7.00pm, on the channel 4ME.