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DRAWPj Online drawing competition

Cindy Wider from Drawjp Art Camp wrote in thanking Chroma for the sponsorship given to their Annual Online
art competition at that was have announced in August.
You can see the winners at this link The Chroma Prize was awarded for the 'Best Major Project Award'.
DRaw PJ online drawing course runs competition annually and all their students use Chroma paints in the unit two section of their course. 

"The competition winning artworks were a combination of some graphite pencil drawings and some chroma  paintings. The person who received the Chroma art prize is Angela Deck and she is just about to move into our painting unit so she is really excited to have her paint materials prize. She won the award for her piece titled 'Urban Decor' a graphite pencil drawing. "
 Cindy thanked us profusely for the sponsorship.